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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Notes for Connecting Shanterups Power Supply with Dry Battery

      Shanterups receives external dry batteries to extend the power supply time. The quality of external dry batteries directly affects the discharge time of UPS power supply. Because the external dry batteries of Shanterups power supply are separated from the ups mainframe and connected with each other by dry batteries, there will be no problem in normal operation. However, if the users need to connect from scratch to Shanterups power supply when installing or moving the machine, the following problems should be paid attention to when connecting:

      (1) The polarity of the voltage should be correct when the dry battery is connected, so as to avoid damage to UPS power supply caused by the reverse connection.

      (2) The connection between dry batteries and mainframe should not be connected at first, and the connection should be made after the charging voltage is generated by the input of Shante UPS power supply. Connect the wires on UPS power supply to dry batteries (backup long-term machine and C Series 6 Kvas above machine should be connected to dry batteries first, otherwise there is no way to turn on).

      Above are the methods and precautions for connecting Shanterups power supply with dry batteries. When it comes to the use and maintenance of dry batteries, you can consult the shop staff of Shanterups power supply in detail. Don't forget to do basic maintenance for Shanterups power supply regularly while using it.