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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      How to solve the failure of the uninterruptible power supply c10ks produced by Shanterups?

      1: After Shante UPS power is turned on, there is no display on the LED panel, and SANTAK UPS power is not working.
      2: The output of Shante UPS is normal when there is power supply, but the buzzer is long and there is no output when there is power supply.
      3: Check the battery voltage to see if the battery is undercharged. If the battery is undercharged, check whether it is the battery itself or the charging circuit fault.
      4: The battery voltage is on the low side, but the battery voltage can't be charged after more than 10 hours of charging. Contact Shanterups to replace batteries
      5: A pair of power amplifier transistors of inverters are damaged. After replacing the same type of transistor, the reason why the transistor runs for a period of time and burns out again is that the current is too large, and the causes of the current too large are as follows:
      Overcurrent protection fails. When the overcurrent occurs in the output of the inverter, the overcurrent protection circuit does not work.
      6: In the case of access to electricity, every time Shante UPS is turned on, the relay repeatedly acts. The battery voltage of Shante UPS uninterruptible power supply panel is too low, and the indicator light is long and the buzzer is long.
      7: Shante UP power supply works normally when it has market power. Inverters have output when there is no market power, but the output voltage is low. At the same time, transformers emit large noise.
      8. When the power supply is normal, the working indicator of Shante UPS power supply inverter flickers, and the buzzer emits intermittent calls. Shante UPS can only work in the inverted state, and can not be converted to the working state of Shante UPS.
      9:Shante UPS power supply when the load is close to full load, the city power supply is normal, while the battery fuse is fused when the battery is powered.
      If the battery charging circuit is normal, then check whether the battery voltage detection circuit is working properly.
      10:Shante UPS power supply can only be supplied by municipal electricity, but can not be converted to inverted power supply.