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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What area does Shante UPS power supply often use?

      Where is Shante UPS power supply used: UPS power supply is usually used in places where power failure or voltage instability is easy to compare, such as places where power failure or voltage instability can not affect the normal operation of equipment: monitoring load equipment in the computer room, electronic medical equipment in the hospital, high-definition monitoring equipment for traffic use, school backup power equipment, companies and high-tech departments. The part of technical research must be equipped with UPS uninterruptible power supply. Only in this way can we guarantee the operation safety of the equipment and provide us with high-quality power guarantee.

      Operating Matters of Shante UPS Power Supply Switching Machine

      I. Shanterups Start-up

      Before starting the Shante UPS power supply, please determine whether the city power supply is normal and the Shante battery switch is in closed state. Press the switch button on the panel (3-5 seconds) and release it. At this time, Shante UPS will respond to the action. The fan behind UPS power supply starts to run, and the internal self-check is completed.

      2. Shutdown of Shanterups Power Supply

      Make sure that Shante UPS power supply load equipment has been disconnected, so as to avoid Shante UPS shutdown to load equipment power outage impact. Similarly press the switch button on the panel (3-5 seconds), at which time Shante UPS power is off in bypass operation. Shut down Shante battery group switch and city power input switch in turn, at this time Shante UPS power supply is completely closed.