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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Shante UPS power supply has a set of strict product operating standards

      Shanterups occupies a certain market in our country. So many users choose Shanterups as standby power supply to illustrate its certain advantages. Among them, Shanterups has its own set of strict operating standards:

      1. Switching on or off the power supply needs to be operated in the correct order in the manual to prevent the voltage output of UPS power supply from shaking sharply due to sudden load or sudden load shedding, which makes UPS power supply unable to operate normally.

      2. It is forbidden to shut down and open UPS power frequently in a short time. After turning off the UPS power to turn on the UPS, it is usually necessary to wait for a while. Otherwise, UPS power supply may enter the "start failure" situation, that is, the UPS power supply enters the output without power supply and the output without inverters.

      3. The orientation of Shanterups power supply should prevent long-term sunshine exposure and have enough ventilation space. Together, it is prohibited to connect the output port of UPS with the inductive load.

      4. Timing maintenance of UPS power supply in mountainous areas: removing dust inside the machine, measuring the voltage of battery packs, replacing unqualified batteries, checking the operation of fans, and checking UPS system parameters.

      5. When using Shanterups power supply, please follow the manufacturer's product manual to ensure that the connecting fire lines, zero wires and ground wires meet the requirements. Users are not allowed to change their orders with each other. For example, the communication input connection of a brand UPS power supply in the United States is contrary to the connection method of the communication input socket in China. There are also three-phase UPS needs to pay attention to the phase sequence problem, otherwise the phase sequence error alarm will appear.