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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What about Shante UPS power supply without output

      What if our equipment protects the power supply of Shenshan UPS without output? What if it doesn't transmit electricity when we need electricity urgently? Now the editor will introduce some common sense to you, hoping to bring convenience to you in dealing with equipment problems in an emergency.

      What if Shante UPS does not have power transmission? If we encounter this situation in our daily life, I think our first reaction must be: it's not easy to find professionals to repair it! Yes, there's nothing that professionals can't solve, but how much time will be wasted during this period, so we will always be good, won't we?

      First, in the face of this situation, we should check the battery power supply circuit to see if there is any problem, and pay special attention to the current limiting resistance.

      2. If there is no problem here, let's go and see if there are any burnt electrical parts. If there are any, we need to take measurements and replace them.

      3. Assuming that the above is all right, at this time we will go to measure the AC output tube. We will make a comparative measurement to see if there is any damage.

      If we haven't found any problems after the above three steps, don't worry, we are in the next step, that is, we need to measure the voltage of each foot of the control module, and then compare the voltage of the express to analyze.

      If there is no power transmission in Shante UPS power supply, these tips can generally be solved, if they still can not be solved, you need to ask professional staff to pull, hope Xiaobian's common sense will help you.