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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      How does Santak UPS power correctly charge Santak battery?

      Santak power, as the top international electrical equipment supplier, the important UPS power brand of Eaton electric group, is now the first UPS power brand in China. As the first well-known UPS manufacturer to enter the Chinese market, Santak has passed the ISO9000 international quality standard certification and ISO14000 environmental management system certification. The products are certified by Tyr certification, SARFT certification and so on. It has become a reserve power source for communication base stations, factories, schools, banks and other large companies. In addition to protecting equipment and preventing power outage, it also plays a stabilizing role. So we have Santak UPS uninterruptible power supply to make our work well ordered.


      But the most important thing is what we often overlook. Most people think that Santak UPS power and Santak batteries are maintenance free. We don't pay attention to it. Today, the engineers of Santak power tell you how to correctly maintain Santak UPS power and Santak battery.


      The normal service life of the Santak UPS power supply is 15-20 years under normal room temperature and normal use. The life span of the normally sealed lead-acid battery is 5-7 years, and the floating charge service life of the Santak valve controlled lead-acid battery is 8-12 years. But now UPS power in many computer rooms can only be used for 3-5 years. What is the reason? Artificial or equipment reasons?


      We have consulted international authoritative magazines. Statistics show that over 93% of the reasons are due to human factors.


      Let's share three maintenance methods.

      1、 山特UPS不间断电源和山特蓄电池正常使用环境要求温度在0度到40度之间(25℃最佳),避免阳光直射并保持使用环境清洁;

      1, Santak UPS uninterruptible power supply and the normal use of Santak battery environment requires temperature between 0 and 40 degrees (25 degrees centigrade) to avoid direct sunlight and keep the environment clean;

      2、 山特UPS电源和山特蓄电池正常运行使用时,通过UPS电源对蓄电池每隔3-6个月充、放电一次,放电后标准机的充电时间应不少于10个小时(这个是山特UPS电源和山特电池的标准数值。也是中高端蓄电池品牌重要的参数之一。)

      2, Santak UPS power and Santak battery normal operation, through the UPS power supply battery every 3-6 months to charge, discharge once every other time, after discharge standard machine charge time should not less than 10 hours (this is the standard value of Santak UPS power and Santak battery. It is also one of the important parameters of the high-end battery brand.

      3、 山特ups电源和山特蓄电池如果长期闲置不用,需做到每3-6个月进行充电一次。以便于蓄电池在闲置期间自放电的电量补充。

      3, if Santak UPS power and Santak batteries are not used for a long time, they need to be charged every 3-6 months. It is convenient for battery to discharge itself during idle period.