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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What are the switching requirements for Shanterups power supply when it is installed?

      In the process of installing Shante UPS power supply, we have many precautions, such as the choice of open cables. Next, our engineer will explain the requirements of power cables and switches when Shante UPS power supply is installed.

      Typical UPS system includes UPS ontology, battery pack (including battery pack internal connection kit), bypass cabinet, output distribution cabinet and other major components, while different components of UPS have cable and switch requirements.

      For example, battery pack to UPS, upstream power supply to UPS, upstream power supply to bypass cabinet, UPS to output distribution, output secondary distribution to load and so on belong to power cable connection.

      For general Shante UPS power supply, in order to facilitate wiring, users often choose flexible cables (such as BVR copper core multi-strand cables). In the case of large current, if several small cables are connected in parallel, the amount should be reduced to prevent uneven shunting or one of the faults leading to overcurrent of other cables. The cross-section area of the cable can be selected according to the current value of UPS and the current carrying capacity of the cable. Generally speaking, medium and small UPS can be configured according to 3-5 A/Square Millimeter; for large UPS, it can be configured according to 1.5-2.5 A/Square Millimeter; for super-large UPS, copper busbar should be chosen. Note that when the cable is long, the maximum voltage drop on the cable should be guaranteed to be no more than 3V, otherwise the calibration of cable diameter should be carried out again.

      Shante UPS power supply in the work of the need to pay attention to!

      1. When using, it is necessary to check the instructions in detail and install them in accordance with relevant regulations, especially when wiring.

      2. Can not be overloaded. We need to know that the maximum bearing load of UPS power supply is 80% of the rated load, so we must use it according to its carrying capacity when using it. Excessive power will damage the machine. Remember that this is a small power product, not a large amount of electricity.

      3. We need to know that UPS power supply is used to deal with computer information loss and machine damage caused by sudden power outage, not every kind of equipment needs. So in order to save the cost of use, we can not use the equipment that does not need to be used.

      4. When we use ups, we should see if there is electricity in the UPS power supply. If it is not charged in time, we should also pay attention to the phenomenon of no electricity caused by other reasons. Usually charging time is more than 24 hours, do not use when power is out, in order to avoid malfunction. The long-standing UPS power supply needs to be charged and reused, and the long-term unused UPS power supply needs to be charged once every three months to ensure its integrity.

      5. Switching machine. When we use UPS power supply, we must switch in sequence, that is, turn on UPS first and then turn on power. Load switches need to be turned on one by one. Turn off the power is opposite to turn on. We'd better shut it down immediately after we use it to prevent the machine from wasting.

      6. Don't switch frequently in use. Normally, don't turn on the power supply within 10 seconds. Frequent switching will damage UPS power supply, voltage instability will also occur, easy to damage equipment.