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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Different types of machines with Shanterups power supply are used in different environments

      Whether in the daytime, black, life or work are basically inseparable from the supply of electricity. Shanterups power supply is a relatively stable machine, Shanterups power supply has many styles, large enough to provide power production for large machines, power plants, precision instruments, computer rooms, etc., small to family-style Shanterups uninterrupted power supply.
      The performance of Shante UPS power supply can provide better power supply for load. Shante Castle series on-line UPS power supply, including 1 KVA to 20 KVA UPS power supply products. It can provide normal voltage output range, frequency range, input impurity removal or zero conversion time between city mode and battery mode for load. Online mode is an ideal power supply. When the user's load equipment absolutely forbids power outage, Shante ups C6K online power supply can fully support the dual parallel operation function. When one of them fails, the other can continue to supply the same pure, safe and stable power supply, so as to minimize the risk of power failure.
      Different styles of Shante UPS power supply are designed for different places of use. In addition to the traditional on-line functions, Shanterups'performance has become a reliable and ideal backup power supply system for users. Besides long-term machines, Shanterups also provides standard machines with a capacity of more than 6KVA. It can also use dual-computer hot backup, which greatly reduces the failure rate and effectively improves the sustainability of Shanterups' power supply. The security and reliability of power supply provide safe and worry-free power guarantee for users'electrical equipment and stable and continuous power supply.