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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Three Configuration Schemes of Shante UPS Power Protection Computer

      Configuration 1: Protect a single computer with a single UPS
      In this configuration, each computer is protected by its own UPS, which communicates with the computer through a serial cable or a USB cable. UPS software is installed on the computer so that the computer can shut down automatically and sequentially when the power is cut off for a long time. In this configuration, UPS is managed by a computer connected to it. This is the simplest configuration solution, widely used in server and workstation deployment.
      Configuration 2: Using a single UPS to protect two or three computers
      In this configuration, multiple computers are connected to a larger UPS (usually rated at 1500VA or higher). One computer is directly connected to the serial port of UPS, while the other two are connected to the expansion card installed in UPS, which provides two serial ports. In this configuration, all three computers have sequential shutdown capability, but UPS is managed by the computer directly connected to it. Note that because the USB standard only supports communication with a single system, this configuration cannot use a USB connection. Although this scheme can be extended to protect 24 computers through Chrysanthemum Chain, this method is not recommended because more cables are needed.
      Configuration 3: Protect three or more computers with a single UPS
      An increasingly popular way is to manage UPS directly through Ethernet. The network management card is installed on UPS, so there is no need for the server to manage it. In this configuration, because UPS has built-in management function, the software installed on the computer only needs to include shutdown function.