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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      What are the maintenance methods of Shante UPS power supply?

      In recent years, Shante UPS power supply plays a leading role in the development of China. There are unique methods in the use of power supply. How can we make the life of UPS power supply longer? Today, I summarize the maintenance methods of Shante UPS power supply.

      1. Cleaning in place

      When using Shante UPS power supply, the longer the time, the more dust will be. At this time, we need to clean and clean it irregularly. If there is too much dust accumulated in the machine, it will cause damage to the power supply. At the same time, we need to check its savings voltage, electric fans and so on.

      2. Can't Overload Use

      When using the reliable Shante UPS power supply, many people will not care about its carrying capacity, and will overload it, which will cause inverters to break through, thus destroying the power function, so we should pay attention to these problems when using it.

      3. Turn off the switch not too frequently

      If the Shante UPS power supply is turned on or off frequently, it will not be restarted until several seconds after the shutdown, which will cause the loss of power device function, thereby damaging the machinery and equipment. Therefore, when restarting or shutting down the power supply, we should be cautious, not open frequently at will, otherwise it will cause great damage to Shante UPS power supply.

      4. Pay attention to shelving environment

      Shante UPS power supply should avoid direct sunlight, while not touching the load with perceptual, it should be placed in a ventilated, ventilated, dry, clean location environment.

      5. Power-off Maintenance

      Maintenance must be carried out in case of shutdown, so as not to cause internal high voltage ionization so that charged particles trigger IGBT and cause equipment failure.

      6. Maintenance of bypass

      If the Shanterups power supply with repair bypass can be transferred to repair bypass, maintenance but at this time the internal is still charged.

      7. Self-generating Maintenance

      Shanterups power supply must be self-discharged before it can be maintained.

      8. Do not use wet cloth

      Maintenance tools can be maintained by using a vacuum hair dryer, not wet cloth.