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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Usage and Maintenance of Shante UPS Power Supply

      Any power supply has its unique set of rules and methods in the use process, for all of us to use, scientific use methods can make the life of UPS power supply longer, today we will elaborate on the use of Shante UPS power supply, and Shante UPS power supply has a set of strict scientific operating rules, in order to facilitate you to understand more deeply:
      First: Maintenance of Shante UPS power supply on a regular basis: removing dust in the machine, measuring the voltage of battery pack, replacing unqualified batteries, checking fan operation and testing system parameters regulating UPS, etc.
      Second: (5) Overload is prohibited. The manufacturer suggests that the maximum starting load of Shante UPS power supply should be controlled within 80%. If it is overloaded, it will break down the inverter triode in the inverted state. Practice has proved that for most UPS power supply, it is the best way to control its load in the range of 30%-60% rated output power.
      Third: It is forbidden to turn off and open UPS power frequently. Generally, it is required to wait at least 6 seconds before turning on UPS power supply after turning off UPS power supply. Otherwise, UPS power supply may enter the state of "starting failure". That is, UPS power supply enters the state of neither market power output nor inverter output.
      Fourth: When using Shante UPS power supply, we must abide by the relevant provisions of Shante manufacturer's product instructions to ensure that the wiring, zero wiring and ground wiring are in line with the requirements, and users can not change their mutual order at will. For example, the AC input connection of an American UPS power supply is just the opposite of that of an AC input socket in China. For example, Shante three-phase UPS needs to pay attention to the phase sequence problem, otherwise there will be phase sequence error alarm, and so will other brands.
      Fifth: The place of Shante UPS power supply should avoid direct sunlight and leave enough ventilation space. At the same time, it is forbidden to connect the inductive load at Shante UPS output port.
      Sixth: Strictly follow the correct sequence of start-up and shutdown, so as to avoid the voltage output fluctuation of Shante UPS power supply when the load suddenly adds or suddenly reduces, which makes Shante UPS power supply unable to work properly.
      Matters needing attention in maintenance of Shante UPS power supply
      The maintenance and use of Shante UPS power supply are inseparable. There should be correct maintenance methods for scientific use, so as to achieve high utilization rate of Shante UPS.
      1. Maintenance must be carried out when the machine is shut down, so as not to cause internal high voltage ionization to trigger charged particles to trigger IGBT and cause equipment failure.
      2. If the Shanterups power supply with maintenance bypass can be transferred to the maintenance bypass, maintenance but at this time the internal is still charged.
      3. Shante UPS power supply must be self-discharged before maintenance.
      4. Maintenance tools can be maintained by using a vacuum blower, not wet cloth.