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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Watch out for any abnormalities in these components when using Shanterups power supply

      During the use of Shanterups, the use of overload should be stopped. The manufacturer advocates that the starting load of Shante UPS power supply should be controlled within 80%. If it is overloaded, it usually breaks the transistor of the inverter in the state of the inverter. It has been recorded that for most UPS power supply, it is best to control its load within the operation range of 30% to 60% of rated output power. In addition to this, we should also pay attention to the components of the device when it is in use.

      1. To investigate whether Shanterups showed significant signs of overheating during operation.

      2. Ensure that the exhaust filter of the fan located on the cabinet is free from obstruction.

      3. Be aware of any suspicious changes in noise. Pay special attention to the sound of the input and output barrier transformer of UPS. When unusual "squeaks" occur, the center may be in poor contact. When there is a low-frequency cymbal sound, the transformer may exhibit magnetic bias.

      4. Investigate the electronic display control board of UPS power supply on the spot, and acknowledge the normal operation of various graphic display units on the LCD panel of UPS power supply. All the operating parameters of the power supply are within the normal range, and there is no fault and alarm information in the record.

      5. Investigate the load and battery standby time of Shanterups. If there are any changes, please see if there are any load increases and unknown faults in the current operating state.

      6. When the output voltage of Shante UPS is abnormally high, check whether the filter capacitance of UPS power supply is intact. If possible, record the above results and analyze whether there is a significant deviation from normal operation.