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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      How can Shante UPS power supply be tested by batteries?

      Shante UPS battery itself can not speak, and is a sealed thing, how can we find the problem of storage battery through Shante battery's coat as early as possible. That is to say, by monitoring the storage battery of Shante UPS power supply, we can find out the problem of Shante UPS power supply as early as possible, and take measures as early as possible.

      The battery group has realized the test of monitoring function. This monitoring content realizes real-time monitoring of the total voltage of UPS battery group and the capacity, internal resistance, voltage and temperature changes of single battery under the condition of floating charge and discharge. The system not only displays on-site display screen for maintenance personnel to monitor, but also monitors all the batteries monitored in real time in the monitoring center, so that the on-duty personnel can not only understand the power supply situation of UPS power supply system under the condition of battery power supply, but also grasp the operation quality of each batteries at any time, which provides a basis for timely maintenance or renewal. The monitoring and construction of UPS battery packs in other cities are being carried out in an all-round way.

      With this method of monitoring, we may soon find out what is wrong with Shante UPS battery.

      Shante UPS power supply is a kind of AC uninterruptible power supply, also a kind of uninterruptible power supply with energy storage device, constant voltage and constant frequency, which is mainly composed of inverters. It is mainly used to supply power to data centers, IT industry computers and so on. How to deal with the possible faults caused by Shante batteries? Shenzhen Shante batteries for this purpose are briefly introduced.

      Generally speaking, to solve the problems that may occur in Shante UPS batteries, we need to deal with them according to the classification of the faults. Generally speaking, it can be divided into UPS host faults, battery faults and external irresistible faults. As far as Shante UPS mainframe failures are concerned, most of the internal parts of UPS power supply need to be repaired in time. At this time, it is necessary to re-integrate according to the corresponding conditions, and to re-process and replace the equipment that may be burnt out.

      Because the newly installed Shante battery belongs to the new batteries just out of the factory, there are few failures caused by the battery itself. In summary, most of them are due to the improper installation of UPS batteries between the batteries or the connection of battery cabinets and UPS mainframe wires, which may lead to the instability of power supply of the equipment, and can not directly carry out adequate electricity for Shante UPS power supply and back-end load. Source support, and at this time we need to check whether the external circuit of Shante battery pack is damaged, whether the internal battery connection is correct, whether the total voltage of Shante UPS battery pack is too large or too small, so as to determine the solution.

      Of course, if we are affected by some external factors (including irresistible factors, etc.), then we need to carry out corresponding work according to the specific situation of its external fault. The general recommendation of Shante Battery is to contact professional personnel to deal with it.

      Shante UPS power supply, therefore, UPS use Shante battery fault treatment is to be specific and specific, for us, the general people, to do is to master its operation methods, to ensure that we do not delay the corresponding normal operation, and if you have this idea or demand can contact Shenzhen Shante battery after-sales service engineer, we will sincerely for you. Service.