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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Shanterups always pays attention to the experience that UPS power supply can satisfy users

      The energy supply of Shanterups power supply is not only to sell products to users, but also to satisfy customers with the characteristics of the power supply, which is beneficial for a brand to go a long way.

      1. Installation environment

      Since most environments can support many different solutions, requirements help customers prepare for value proposals, feature comparisons, and quotations for multiple solutions. Understanding the environmental requirements of Shante UPS power supply is not bad. The seminar indicates that customers generally choose solutions with higher value. If you can't offer multiple choices, you can offer another more cost-effective solution, introducing other products to compete fairly and win customers'trust.

      2. Power supply environment: single-phase and three-phase

      Mastering customers'existing power infrastructure is critical to the evaluation and sale process. Many existing computer rooms and small and medium-sized data centers are equipped with rack-level single-phase loads. In order to improve power, reduce costs for new three-phase solutions and invent more opportunities for sale, new plans have shifted the focus from three-phase power supply to utilization through re-planning.

      3. Availability

      Availability refers to the requirement to determine the actual operation of user requirements. It seems simple to quantify when running, and understanding the real meaning behind these numbers can help develop sound end-to-end solutions. Generally, the running time required directly affects the cost of the solution. But in fact, most Renda solutions are more cost-effective in scaling up applications at runtime. When providing professional advice to users, the need for a comprehensive evaluation of a variety of solutions.

      4. Electric load

      The rated power of customer power supply load is the most important factor to determine the best selection of its overall solution. After eliminating the power supply environment (if single-phase or three-phase boost is required), the standard range of Shanterups power supply can be further locked. Although many customers already have this information, you still need to help customers select power equipment for their equipment. It is important to consider the potential increased demand for customer power load. Especially in the case of single-phase equipment deployment, the general requirement is to select UPS that exceeds the customer's power requirement at that time, but to provide longer running time to satisfy the increasing demand in the future.