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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Is it important to check the cycle of Shanterups power supply?

      In the Shante UPS power supply display control panel, perform the following inspection tasks and record the relevant data:

      Measure and record: Floating charging voltage value of storage battery group (if power plant users connect 220V DC system, check whether the function of reverse diode is intact.

      Measuring and recording: charging current of battery. Measurement and recording: input and output voltage of UPS. Measurement and recording: input and output line currents of UPS.

      All measurements are compared with the parameters on the panel. If it is found that there is a significant difference between the values measured in this measurement and those recorded in the previous measurement, we should try to find out and record what new loads (load size, type and installation location) are connected to the output of UPS or removed from the user's load bus after all. Practice has proved that these information and materials are very useful for the maintenance and maintenance engineering technicians to deal with the problems in the future.

      Notes for Shanterups Power Supply:

      1. Pay attention to the safety of personnel.

      2. Prevent power failure of UPS power supply, which causes load outage and damage to equipment.

      3. First of all, we need to know how long UPS power supply can reserve before discharging, so that when discharging, there is a preparation to prevent discharging to reserve time, all do not know, resulting in load outage. Damage to equipment.

      4. If you can see the UPS battery, first visualize whether the battery has obvious deformation and night leakage.

      5. If UPS power supply itself has automatic discharge function setting time, it is suggested that UPS power supply should discharge itself first, so as to preliminarily judge whether the battery has discharge ability.

      6. When discharging artificially, please observe the voltage drop of UPS accumulator at all times so as to restore the power input at any time.

      7. To discharge UPS power supply, it is not necessary to fully discharge the capacity of the battery. Here, only two-thirds of the rated capacity can be placed. Discharge can only play the role of activating the battery. Extend the usage time of UPS battery.

      Is it important to check the cycle of Shanterups power supply?