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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      How to choose batteries for Shanterups power supply?

      Shante UPS Power Configuration Scheme and Purchasing UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Method:
      The power supply time of storage battery is mainly affected by load size, battery capacity, ambient temperature, battery discharge cut-off voltage and other factors. According to the delay ability, the capacity of the special batteries is determined, expressed by the AH value of ampere time, and calculated by the time hours of discharging when the ampere number of current is given.
      General Shante UPS configuration is calculated by the following formula:
      Input Power (VA)*Delay Time (Hours)UPS Power Supply Start DC = Battery Unit Hours Required (AH)
      Taking Shante C6KS as an example, we calculate the starting DC of Shante C6KS as 192V.
      6000 volt-ampere x 2 hours 192V = 62.5AH
      The result is that 62.5AH batteries are needed to supply power for two hours, but ordinary batteries generally do not have a group of 16 batteries with a capacity of 62.5AH (because the starting DC of C6KS is 192V - (the standard DC voltage of Shante UPS at the time of factory). Generally, batteries are 12V DC, 192V (the starting DC voltage of UPS) 12V (the DC voltage of battery) = 16. 16 batteries as a group)
      We can choose a set of 65AH batteries to configure it; the delay time is: 65AH (battery capacity) * 192V (UPS start DC) 6000V (UPS power) = 2.08 hours.