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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Shanterups has never stopped pursuing scientific research and quality of new products

      Shanterups has been constantly changing its skills in order to meet the needs of the market. Reliable high-quality products, relying on professional skills, cutting-edge scientific research level, satisfied with different user-oriented product design concepts, Shante UPS Power is committed to creating high-end reliable products, inventing excellent quality.

      With China's IT system gradually moving towards the direction of management, the use of UPS power protection system will be more vigorous development. The use of UPS has changed from stand-alone to redundant. From system reliability to system usability, with the development of information skills, electronic skills and control skills, various advanced skills have been widely used in the design, development and production process of UPS. The skills of Shante UPS official network tend to be intelligent, digital, high frequency, modular and green.

      Under the background of actively advocating the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly, Shanterups official network has been in need of energy-saving skills and products in construction, transportation, municipal and industrial shopping malls, which has brought new opportunities for UPS power supply. In the field of UPS skills, Shanterups has been at the forefront of the domestic career. Sandups is the first manufacturer to introduce IGBT power components and high frequency PWM skills to the UPS profession. At the same time, the company is discussing the advanced skills of UPS and the grid-connected inverters of solar photovoltaic and wind energy to satisfy the increasingly severe power problems and customer needs.

      Through a series of surveys, Shanterups official network found that users of different professions have different requirements for Shanterups, so Shanterups official network has intensified its research and development efforts, and is developing some new energy-saving UPS power products to meet the needs of domestic shopping malls and further improve the power of existing solutions.