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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Shante UPS power supply for safe operation of computer room

      Shante UPS power supply in China UPS power industry is farther and farther, the use of more and more users. So what is the reason why Shanterups power supply is so popular in the market? Today, together with Shanterups, we have a thorough understanding of the performance of this Shanterups power supply, as well as the long-term continuous power supply and security in common use.
      1. Ultra-light and ultra-thin design of Shante UPS power supply
      At present, Shanterups power supply has a variety of different sizes and different industries. Small Shanterups easily integrate into the home and office environment, small body and large functions. For PC users, this miniature style simply solves the crowded situation around the computer, making the office environment easy and harmonious.
      2. Self-diagnosis of Shanterups Uninterruptible Power Supply
      Sandups uninterruptible power supply is designed to continuously self-monitor battery voltage. When Shante UPS power supply is abnormal during charging, it will automatically stop charging. This design is a self-protection function, which effectively prolongs the service life of UPS power supply and battery.
      3. Shanterups self-monitoring
      Shante UPS power supply in normal state, UPS power supply at this time will automatically simulate the power outage situation, the inverters, batteries and other components and load self-check, so that the compact design will not normally affect the operation of the computer because of UPS power failure, very convenient.
      The configuration of Shanterups is equipped with high-quality valve-regulated lead-acid batteries inside the body. The power is durable and stable, which effectively improves the service life and performance of Shanterups power supply, and is safe and reliable.
      Shante uninterruptible power supply has protective function. When the city electricity is abnormal, it will automatically switch to battery power supply. If there is no electricity in Shanterups power supply discharges. When the battery voltage is too low, it does not shut down in time. Shanterups mainframe starts self-protection function and shuts down automatically, which has no effect on the next boot-up use!