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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Shante UPS Power Supply Guarantees Circuit Safety c1k

      No matter in the city power mode or battery mode, it can output low distortion sine wave power supply to provide the best power supply for the user's load equipment. When the city power is cut off or restored, UPS switching between the city power mode and battery mode is completely without switching time, which effectively guarantees the reliability of load operation.

      TVSS function, namely TRANSIENT VOLTAGE SURGE SUPPRESS surge voltage protection function. Used for FAX, TELEPHONE, MODEM, network and other conversion protection functions.

      Castle series UPS has the function of input power factor correction. Under full load, input power factor can reach more than 0.95, so that users'power grid environment will not be polluted.

      Online UPS can provide a better power supply environment for load. Considering the range of output voltage, frequency, input noise filtering, and even the zero conversion time between city mode and battery mode, online UPS is the best UPS structure. Therefore, most important equipment or equipment with stringent requirements for power environment should choose online UPS. Sander C1K is a cost-effective online UPS with good functions. Interested friends can consider it more.

      I. Common Faults and Processing of Detection Signal Circuits Input CPU

      1. Common Faults of Zero-Crossing Generator Circuit and Their Treatment

      In zero-crossing generator circuit, if VD13, C22 and C55 are damaged, CPU will be misjudged as abnormal input of municipal power. UPS can not be converted to municipal power supply, so it can be replaced.

      2. Common Faults and Treatment of Current Peak Protection Circuit

      If the current peak protection circuit is fed into the + 5V power supply of U7 pin 2 or C53 fault, it will lead to the protection malfunction or refusal of UPS.

      3. Common Faults and Treatment of Output Voltage Detection Circuit

      If VD10, VD9, C32, C12 are damaged, CPU will be misjudged, UPS can not output inverters, and these components can be replaced.

      4. Common Faults and Treatment of Temperature Detection

      If NTC1 is disconnected, CPU may refuse protection and damage more components; if C34 is short-circuit, CPU will be misprotected, UPS can not boot normally, this component can be replaced.

      5. Common faults and treatment of automatic boot-up and boot muffler and self-check circuit

      VD2 and VD3 short circuit will cause UPS to be unable to shut down in the municipal power mode; C53 short circuit will cause UPS to be unable to shut down, and the corresponding components can be replaced.

      6. Common Faults and Treatment of Working Power Supply Detection Circuit

      In the detection circuit of working power supply, if the C43 is short-circuit, the CPU will not work, and the C43 can be replaced.

      7. Common faults and treatment of reference power generation circuit

      If TL431 or C49 short circuit, or R53, R54, R13 resistance offset, will cause CPU reading errors, resulting in logical confusion, replacement of these components can be.

      8. Common faults and treatment of oscillator circuit.