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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Classification of Shante UPS Power Supply Products

      UPS power supply system equipment technology refers to advanced high frequency switching power supply conversion technology, digital control technology, conversion technology, pulse width modulation technology, electromagnetic compatibility technology, redundant Weaver, intelligent charging and discharging technology, network technology, driving technology and new technology, such as integrated technology.
      UPS power supply has been rotating from generators in the 1960s to today's smart static type of all electronic circuits, and continues to develop. UPS power supply usually refers to a fixed type. According to its working mode, UPS power supply can be divided into backup type, online interaction type and online type. According to the size of UPS power supply and the classification of application domain, there are the following aspects:
      1. UPS power supply is classified according to size. UPS power supply system can be divided into three zoning types according to the power of application program: large, medium and small.
      The definition of low power UPS power supply system is: power less than 3 KVA UPS power supply product; medium power UPS power supply system is defined as more than or equal to 3 KVA and less than 10 KVA UPS power supply product; high power UPS power supply system is defined as more than or equal to 10 KVA UPS power supply product.
      2. Classification according to UPS application field: information and UPS power supply system equipment
      In recent years, UPS power supply system plays an increasingly important role in the IT industry, has been regarded as the patron saint of computer information. After the world entered the information age, information security has received widespread attention. Therefore, in such an era background, the development trend of UPS has attracted great attention of the industry is a natural one. UPS power supply system for information exchange is mainly used in information industry, IT industry, transportation, financial industry, aerospace industry and other computer information systems, communication systems, data security issues such as network centers. UPS power supply computer network information system, communication system, data center important peripheral equipment, such as computer data protection, ensure the stability of grid voltage and frequency, improve power quality, prevent instantaneous power and other faults and accidents damage users is very important.
      Industrial Power and UPS Power Supply System Equipment. UPS power supply system equipment for industrial power supply is mainly used in industry, power equipment industry, steel, non-ferrous metals, coal, petroleum, chemical industry, construction, medicine, automobile, food, military and other fields, because all electric power automation equipment, remote execution system, high voltage circuit breaker switch, relay protection and automatic installation of industrial system. Setting and signal devices such as AC and DC uninterruptible power supply equipment ensure the reliability of industrial automation power supply. The products of industrial power supply and uninterruptible power supply are high-end products, involving power electronics technology of high power (megawatt) energy conversion, digital control technology, parallel redundancy technology of AC power supply, active harmonic suppression technology, manufacturing technology of high power products, etc.
      Obviously, it is generally impossible to enter the field of power supply enterprises. Only those enterprises with high-power power electronics technology and product development, production and service capabilities, and corresponding industrial application experience, can prepare for the design, production and marketing services of uninterruptible power supply systems in powerful industrial countries. Traditional UPS manufacturers use UPS power supply in these areas. Usually UPS power supply products adapt to the natural environment of the industry, rather than industrial power equipment which adapts to the industrial electrical environment and perceives the characteristics of power load to provide uninterrupted power supply.