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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What are the dynamic monitoring methods of Shante UPS power supply?

      Shante UPS power supply can better test the function of UPS. There are two main monitoring methods. So what are the functions of Shanterups power supply?

      1. Transform Characteristic Test

      Technical objective: The national standard is 0 Ms. The primary test is the conversion characteristics when the power supply is converted from the inverters to the municipal power supply or from the municipal power supply to the inverters. During the test, a storage oscilloscope and a voltage regulator which can simulate the changes of the city electricity are needed.

      2. Tests for sudden load addition or load reduction

      The phase voltage and frequency at no-load and steady-state are measured by power disturbance analyzer, then the sudden load is increased from 0% to 100% or the sudden load is reduced from 100% to 0%. If the output transient voltage of UPS is between - 8% and + 10% (depending on the standard of the model), and recovers to steady-state within 20 ms, the Shante UPS standard is qualified; if the output transient voltage of UPS exceeds this scale. At the same time, a large surge current will occur. Whether it is very bad for load or UPS itself, this kind of UPS is not suitable for selection. By doing well in these two aspects of the test, we can basically make the test reach the role of comparative ambition. In this way, UPS testing can be said to be excellent.

      Shante UPS Power Supply is Safe and Reliable

      1. Ultra-light and ultra-thin design

      At present, Shanterups power supply has many styles of different sizes and different industries. Miniature Shanterups power supply can be easily integrated into the home and office environment, with small body and large functions. For PC users, this miniature style simply solves the crowded situation around the computer, making the office environment easy and harmonious.

      2. Self-monitoring

      Shante UPS power supply in normal state, UPS power supply at this time will automatically simulate the power outage situation, the inverters, batteries and other components and load self-check, so that the compact design will not normally affect the operation of the computer because of UPS power failure, very convenient.

      3. Self-diagnosis

      Sandups power supply is designed to continuously self-monitor battery voltage. When Shante UPS power supply is abnormal during charging, it will automatically stop charging. This design is a self-protection function, which effectively prolongs the service life of UPS power supply and battery.