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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Detailed Explanation on the Function of Shante UPS Power Supply

      Shante UPS power supply is much higher than the storage power supply. Some people do not know about the function and performance of Shanterups power supply. Let me introduce it to you below. I hope it will be helpful to you.

      Shante c1ks-c20ks single-in and single-out high-frequency UPS adopts two-time on-line planning with static bypass switch, which has perfect function of overload and fault protection. The high efficiency planning using IGBT (insulated gate bipolar transistor) technology effectively reduces the operation cost of Shante UPS power supply.

      Shante UPS power supply has a wide voltage input scale, which reduces the operation opportunities of batteries and extends the life of batteries. Built-in CPU microprocessor, full-function intelligent control: operation, battery management, automatic switch, real-time parameter measurement and display, etc. With advanced and reliable operation skills, the power supply can provide reliable hot backup system and direct integration system of eight main and standby machines, which can be freely switched. Provide a variety of standards, different backup time with battery cabinets.

      UPS function:

      1. Single-phase input and single-phase output.

      2. Dual-change online skills.

      3. LCD + LED multi-function control panel.

      4. Limited, wireless long-distance alarm.

      5. Automatic monitoring and alarming of faults.

      6. Computer long-distance monitoring and management.

      7. Extensible backup battery.

      8. All-computer control, low noise.

      Shante UPS power supply performance:

      1. Input voltage: 220V or 380V three-phase four-wire system) - 15%+10%.

      2. Output current: According to this value, the conductor section and input insurance are selected. Shante UPS power supply

      3. Output Voltage: First, the stability of the output voltage, which is generally (+5%) and some is (+3%). The other is the precision of voltage regulation: steady state (+1%) transient (+5%).

      4. Output capacity: that is, power SS = UI.

      5. Transient voltage recovery time: <50m. UPS power supply

      6. Backup time: refers to the time when UPS can continue to work after input interruption, the key indicators of UPS.

      7. Power factor: 0.8 lag; efficiency: > 90% full load.

      8. Current Limitation: 100% 110% rated current is adjustable.

      9. Overload function: 10 min 125% rated current) 10S150% rated current) Shante UPS official network