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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      The Difference between Shante UPS and EPS Power Supply

      A few years ago, Shante UPS power supply seemed to be only high-tech equipment that big companies could afford, but with the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous reduction of costs, Shante UPS began to gradually enter the homes of ordinary people. Nowadays, the medium-sized supermarket at the entrance of the community, even the student dormitory, are using UPS power supply. Because the knowledge of UPS is not popular enough, most people can only use it as a standby battery, but in fact, its role is far more than that.
      The difference between Shante UPS and EPS
      Believe that friends who have purchased UPS really have heard of EPS. So what's the difference between the two?
      Simply put, EPS is a simple battery pack, which can be switched between power supply and battery pack by automatic switching switch or manual operation of distribution cabinet. When the municipal power is running normally, the circuit system uses the municipal power normally and charges the battery pack of EPS at the same time. When the city power is cut off, the city power supply will be disconnected manually or automatically, connected to the EPS battery, using the battery, continue to supply power to the equipment.
      This process involves the rectification and inversion of electricity (alternating current rectifier into direct current, stored in the battery; when used, direct current inversion into alternating current, power supply network operation) and conversion. This conversion process, the shortest automatic conversion, can be completed in two or three seconds. However, this kind of conversion will inevitably cause the whole circuit to be cut off for an instant, and some precision instruments and equipment will be cut off and data will be lost.
      Shante UPS power supply avoids the instant of blackout, so it has its own Chinese name, uninterruptible power supply. That is to say, when switching between city power and batteries, the speed is very fast, which does not affect the normal power supply of the circuit. Initially, this function was realized by relays and capacitors - capacitors will discharge automatically after power failure, and the discharge time is milliseconds. During this period, relays will switch automatically, and the switching speed is microsecond. However, the requirements for capacitors and relays are very high. Relay contacts are usually made of pure gold or silver, so the price of UPS in the past is often frightening.
      Today's UPS gradually uses electronic conversion to replace expensive relays, but the stability is far less than relays. So now some communication departments, such as telecommunications, Unicom, or banks, still use relays to cut.
      Prices, of course, are not on the same level.
      The role of Santak UPS
      1. Stabilized voltage: Voltage in power grid will inevitably be affected by external factors, resulting in fluctuations. For some more sophisticated instruments, voltage instability symbolizes the decline in the life of expensive machines. Therefore, it is necessary to introduce a device that can stabilize the voltage. In the UPS access circuit, the current flows into the UPS first, then discharges through the UPS battery and flows into the circuit system. The discharge voltage of Shante UPS power supply is relatively stable, generally speaking, the fluctuation will not exceed 2V.
      2. Blackout protection: This is the main function of UPS mentioned above. It can turn into zero-switching time of battery power supply immediately after blackout without causing power outage and disturbing the equipment in the circuit.
      3. Overvoltage and undervoltage protection: In the first item, we talked about voltage fluctuation. However, if the voltage fluctuation is too large - too high or too low, Shante UPS power supply will automatically disconnect from the market and use battery packs to supply power.
      4. Stable Frequency: In addition to voltage, UPS can also protect the frequency in the circuit. All domestic electrical appliances are marked, the applicable frequency is 50Hz, but the frequency in the municipal power grid is also likely to fluctuate. However, after UPS is connected, the frequency of the energy released by the battery pack can be stabilized to 50 Hz.