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      How to extend the power supply time of uninterrupted power UPS?

      How to prolong the power supply time of UPS? Everyone knows that UPS power supply is also called uninterruptible power supply. It is a kind of system equipment that connects the storage battery to the mainframe and then converts DC power into market power. UPS power supply is a reliable power supply system designed and manufactured for computer, communication equipment, control system and other precision equipment. How many hours can UPS power supply be used in case of power failure? How to extend the power supply time of UPS power supply?
      The time that UPS power can be used depends on the batteries you configure. The more batteries you have, the larger the AH, the longer the delay.
      How to extend UPS power supply time?
      1. First of all, we can connect a large capacity battery pack to the outside of UPS power supply, which plays an important role in prolonging the power supply time. However, we must note that although this method is effective, it is likely to result in a relative increase in battery charging time, thereby increasing our human and financial costs, so a comprehensive evaluation is needed in the selection. Increase battery capacity. The number of batteries can be increased according to the length of power supply required, but this method will result in a relative increase in battery charging time, as well as an increase in the number of maintenance equipment and product volume, resulting in an increase in the overall cost of UPS.
      2. Secondly, if we want to extend the power supply time, we need to keep the environment of UPS power supply at an appropriate temperature. Generally speaking, the best ambient temperature is between 20 and 25 degrees centigrade. At the same time, such ambient temperature can also greatly increase its service life, which advantage is more important.
      3. Finally, we can also choose a large capacity UPS power supply system, which not only reduces the cost of maintenance, but also can operate immediately if we encounter the expansion of the load equipment, thus greatly facilitating our operation, so today many people will choose this way.