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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Use and Fault Display Judgment of Shante UPS Power Supply

      1. Notices for the use of Shanterups power supply:

      1. When the load is connected to UPS power supply, Shante UPS power supply must first turn off the load, do not start ups power supply with load, then connect, and then turn on the load one by one.

      2. All power outlets should be connected with protective ground wires.

      3. Whether or not the input power cord is inserted into the power outlet, the output of Shante UPS uninterruptible power supply may be live. Closing UPS does not guarantee that the internal parts of UPS power supply are not live. If we want to make Shanterups power supply without output, we need to turn off the switch first, and then cancel the power supply.

      4. For the standard Shanterups power supply, it is recommended that the battery be charged for 8 hours before use. As long as the power plug is connected to the host, UPS will automatically charge the battery. If not charged, it can also be used immediately, but the backup time will be less than the standard value.

      5. When Shante UPS works in bypass, after shutting down the UPS power supply, the UPS power supply still has output. If there is no output, it is necessary to cut off the power supply and turn off the UPS.

      6. If Shante UPS power supply is not used for a long time, it is recommended that it be charged every four to six months, and charged after discharge, and the charging time of standard UPS should not be less than 12 hours. In high temperature areas, batteries are charged and discharged every two months. Batteries have a service life of 3 to 5 years. If they are found to be in poor condition, they must be replaced early.

      II: Operation mode

      1. City power mode: At this time, the city power indicator and the inverted indicator will be on, and the load indicator will be lit according to the load capacity.

      If the city power indicator flashes and the marking zero-fire line is reversed, UPS still works in the city power mode. If the battery indicator lights up at the same time, it indicates that the voltage or frequency of the city power has exceeded the normal range, and the UPS power supply works in the battery mode.

      If the battery indicator flashes, it indicates that UPS has no battery or the battery voltage is too low. At this time should check whether there is wiring or battery failure.

      If the load indicator exceeds 100%, Shanterups warns of excessive load, buzzer will call once in half a second, and unnecessary load should be removed one by one.

      Until the load is less than 100%

      2. Battery mode: At this time, the city light and the inverted light will be on. If the city light is connected to the abnormal city power, the city light will flicker at the same time. The load indicator in the municipal mode will be used as the battery capacity level indicator in the backup time.

      When the battery mode is running, the buzzer calls every 4 seconds. If the buzzer keeps pressing the boot button for more than 1 second, the Shante UPS uninterruptible power supply performs the muffling function. The buzzer will no longer alarm, and then press the boot button for more than 1 second continuously, and the alarm will be restored.

      When the battery voltage drops to the early warning potential (which can be maintained for more than 2 minutes in standby time), the buzzer calls once a second, indicating that the user's battery capacity is insufficient.

      3. Bypass mode: (setting UPS to work in bypass state through WINPOWER). At this time, the city electricity indicator and the bypass indicator will be on, and the load indicator will be on according to the load capacity received. UPS calls once every two minutes.

      If the city electric indicator flashes, the zero-fire line is connected to the opposite side, or the frequency has exceeded the normal range, Shante UPS uninterruptible power supply works in battery mode.

      UPS does not have backup function when it works in bypass mode. At this time, the power supply used by the load is supplied directly through the power system through filtering.

      3. Exception handling table:



      3. Power supply is normal and UPS does not enter the market: UPS input circuit breaker is disconnected.

      4. UPS can't start when the boot button is pressed: UPS has internal malfunction; UPS power supply has no battery or low battery voltage and boots with load.