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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Matters needing attention in the application and maintenance of dry batteries for Shanterups power supply

      The batteries of Shanterups power supply directly extend the supply time after receiving the external dry battery pack. The advantages and disadvantages of the external dry battery directly affect the discharge time of the batteries. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the use and maintenance of dry batteries when using long-term batteries. For detailed instructions on the use of dry batteries, please refer to the following.

      Maintenance parameters of Shanterups power supply maintenance part

      1. Battery Voltage Detection and Overvoltage Maintenance

      (1) Battery Overvoltage Maintenance

      When each battery voltage is higher than 15V DC, UPS will actively switch to battery power supply until the battery voltage is lower than about 13.5V DC. UPS power supply will recover to the starting state, during which UPS will announce sound and display alarms on the panel.

      (2) Battery Voltage Detection

      When discharging, the UPS power supply announces a beep every 4 seconds. When the voltage of each battery is lower than about 11V DC, the UPS announces a beep every second. When the voltage of each battery is lower than 10V DC, if the input voltage is zero, the UPS will be closed. And ready to actively reset; if the input voltage exceeds the limit, it will be regarded as power-on condition error, and alarm will appear on the panel.

      2. Maintenance of Output Short Circuit and Output Voltage of Frequency Converter

      (1) Output Short Circuit Maintenance

      When the output feedback of the converter does not exceed zero 64ms, it is regarded as output short circuit, program output is closed, UPS power announces sound and alarm appears on the panel.

      (2) Output Voltage Maintenance

      When the output feedback voltage of the converter is below 140 V or above 276 V for 80 ms, it is regarded as under-voltage or over-voltage maintenance.

      (3) BUS Overvoltage Maintenance

      BUS is considered overvoltage and maintained when the voltage of UPS power supply exceeds 440V by 64ms. When Dangshan UPS power switch to bypass mode, UPS power announces sound and displays alarm on the panel.

      (4) Current Limiting Maintenance of Inverters

      Maintenance line monitors output current value. If the rated current exceeds 3.6 times, the current limiting maintenance circuit immediately closes the PWM and resets the PWM at 19.2 kHz until the output current value is less than 3.6 times the rated current.

      Over-temperature maintenance When the system temperature is too high, the temperature switch trips, Shanterups power supply will make an alarm sound and display alarm on the panel (detection time is 0.5s).