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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What are the essential functions of Shanterups power supply?

      Shanterups power supply is not a simple power supply, Shanterups power supply function is to provide power supply to power electronic equipment, so as to ensure the normal use of hardware. Now let us introduce what functions of Shanterups power supply are essential?

      Because Shante UPS is a protective power supply equipment, its performance parameters are of great significance, so we should take the voltage input range into account in the purchase process, which is often strong in regulating the power supply and stable output, so it has been widely used.

      The efficiency, power factor and conversion time of Shante UPS are also characteristic. This feature ensures the utilization rate, high performance and strong protection of city power. However, the cost will increase correspondingly in the process of choosing. When comparing most UPS, most people prefer Shante UPS more.

      1. It has a panel to show the working condition.

      2. When UPS discharges, the remaining discharge time of the battery should be predicted and displayed.

      3. Both input and output of UPS have lightning protection function, which can resist 6 kV high voltage impact, and output has circuit switch protection and current limiting function.

      4. It has perfect protection functions: output short circuit protection, output overload protection, over-temperature protection, low battery voltage protection, over-output, under-voltage protection, lightning surge resistance. Sound and light alarms must be issued when UPS fails.

      5. With parallel redundancy expansion function, please specify in detail, parallel circulating current is less than 1%.

      6. UPS must adopt pure digital control of DSP chips for full automatic operation.

      7. Safety control design, safe and convenient use, even if not according to the program boot will not cause UPS damage; Module plug-in should have mechanical locking device to prevent the wrong position of plug-in, and electrical interlocking to prevent system misoperation when other circuit boards are not installed.

      8. UPS module must have the function of fault isolation. When a single module fails, the system can isolate the fault module quickly and automatically, so as to avoid the spread of the fault and affect the work of other modules.

      9. When UPS device runs under 30% load, it should ensure that all technical indicators are within the required range, and the efficiency of the whole unit should be greater than or equal to 94%.

      10. UPS devices have ventilation and cooling devices to ensure that components work normally at rated ambient temperatures, intake and exhaust holes have expandable metal protective shield; when the ventilation device fails, it should be able to alarm in time, and can automatically cut the power supply from the inverters to bypass AC power supply.

      11. The UPS ventilator must have a multi-stage speed control, which can automatically adjust the fan speed according to the load rate and the surrounding temperature.

      12. UPS should be equipped with emergency shutdown (EPO function).

      13. UPS must have a detailed fault information record and can store no less than 100 pieces of information.