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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Santak castle stand Rack6/10kVA 2017 listing

      Santak UPS uninterruptible power supply brand has been more than thirty years ago. The listing of the Castle series frame type C6-10kVA Rack 2017 extends the capacity section of the Santak brand in the rack type product, and improves the performance and function of the input and output. It can more effectively match the equipment that the user needs to protect, improve the efficiency of the energy use and reduce the application cost. It is equipped with advanced communication software and various communication interfaces. It is compatible with the management of various virtualization systems and is suitable for various environmental applications, including high temperature and low noise. The New Castle rack has the capability of parallel machine to meet the reliability requirements of various redundant levels such as N+X and 2N required by user equipment.

      Product introduction

      Model capacity: C6K Rack/C6KS Rack/C10K Rack/C10KS Rack

      Topology Technology: online double conversion technology

      High frequency IGBT rectifier

      rack mount

      Rated voltage: 220VAC

      Rated frequency: 50/60 Hz

      Product features

      The output power factor is 0.9, which matches the mainstream load equipment completely.

      Double conversion efficiency 95%, saving energy consumption for users.

      CE logo, in line with IEEE standards, in line with EU environmental standards

      Compact structure, 10kVA only needs 2U height, saving valuable cabinet space.

      The number of batteries can be adjusted, and matching parameters can be set according to the number of battery users.

      High temperature environment validation, can adapt to 50 degree Celsius environmental temperature operation.

      Super charging capability to meet long time backup battery configuration and fast charging demand.

      Low noise pattern design, comfortable use experience

      Support and expand the system to improve system capacity and system redundancy.

      Typical application

      Small data centers, such as small and medium enterprises, branches of large enterprises, bank outlets, etc.

      Memory, network equipment, VoIP, communication equipment, automation equipment, Office office terminal.

      Precision instruments and industrial control equipment, etc.

      About Santak

      Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd. has been in the Chinese market for more than thirty years. With strong technical research and development strength, reliable product quality, complete, fast and efficient after-sales service system, it has been confirmed by the domestic users of various industries. The products have been widely used in government, finance, telecommunications, electric power, transportation, and science. Research institutes, manufacturing and military industries provide a safe and reliable power environment for tens of millions of users. It