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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What are the four main considerations of Shante UPS power supply?

      At present, UPS products in the market have many brands, uneven product quality and chaotic competition. How to choose suitable UPS products, end users need to improve their understanding of UPS UPS. Experts said that UPS uninterruptible power supply selection can start with four major standards, select products that meet their requirements, in order to truly ensure the uninterrupted operation of daily business.

      I. Battery Safety and Quality is the Lifeline of UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply

      UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), as its name implies, has the most important function of switching to batteries at the moment of power failure to provide power for computers or other electrical appliances. UPS UPS uninterruptible power supply is the hardware to protect the safety of hardware, so the stability of its backup battery quality is one of the core to ensure the normal operation of UPS uninterruptible power supply. About 50% of UPS uninterruptible power supply failures or repairs in the market are caused by inferior batteries. Therefore, when small and medium-sized enterprises purchase UPS uninterruptible power supply, they must select the products of larger manufacturers and batteries originally allocated by manufacturers. In addition, most standby UPS UPS UPS standard batteries can provide about 15 minutes of power time for users to store data, but they do not have long delay packages. Yikesai UPS UPS products can choose to buy long delay packs. At the same time, the batteries are manufactured and configured by Yikesai's original factory. All models have perfect battery charging and discharging protection function, current limiting charging function, over charging and over discharging protection function, which is conducive to prolonging the life of the whole machine and battery.

      2. The backup UPS uninterruptible power supply must have voltage stabilization function and must be equipped with it.

      In different periods of time, the workload of power supply is at different peaks, and there are many factors of variation and instability. Therefore, users often encounter voltage instability in daily use of electricity. In the work, because of the constant change of voltage, it is easy to cause inexplicable computer crash or server downtime, which brings many unnecessary troubles to small and medium-sized enterprises in their daily business development. So another important function of UPS uninterruptible power supply is voltage stabilization. The high-end UPS uninterruptible power supply used in the industry in the market integrates the voltage stabilization function, while the backup UPS uninterruptible power supply which is suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises with the standard voltage stabilization function is rare. At present, YDK series UPS UPS backup UPS mainframe integrated with AC regulator, high-speed backup power supply and peak surge absorption functions in the same products in the market, meets the demand of small and medium-sized enterprises for voltage stabilization function, and saves the secondary investment cost of small and medium-sized enterprises purchasing voltage regulators separately. Users can purchase them safely.

      3. UPS uninterruptible power supply needs to be simple to use and highly intelligent.

      Although UPS uninterruptible power supply has simple working principle, it is not easy to use and maintain many middle and low-end UPS uninterruptible power supply in the market. For small and medium-sized enterprises, using traditional technology, UPS uninterruptible power supply, which integrates automation and intelligence, is really suitable for use. No need to invest more maintenance costs and training time in the later period, it can improve the work efficiency of SMEs. YDK series products of IKESAIYOU Electric Co., Ltd. have automatic functions such as automatic tracking of city power frequency, output short circuit protection, dry contact communication and self-diagnostic function. UPS uninterruptible power supply automatically simulates power-off status when it is turned on, and self-checks the components such as inverters, batteries and loads to find problems in time. Even if UPS uninterruptible power supply fails, it will not affect the normal computer. Operation.

      IV. UPS Uninterruptible Power Supply Industrial Design Needs to be Scientific

      Many small and medium-sized enterprises have limited room or server rack space, so small size or rack-type servers are more suitable. At the same time, more and more users pay more attention to appearance when choosing and purchasing products. Many small and medium-sized users value their own facade. After all, the bulky and ugly UPS UPS UPS power supply will affect the overall appearance image of some enterprises'office environment. Therefore, the appearance of UPS UPS power supply is generous and beautiful, which is also one of the important factors in choosing and purchasing.

      UPS uninterruptible power supply after-sales service is a common concern of small and medium-sized enterprises. Most manufacturers of UPS uninterruptible power supply mainly focus on the industry users, while the service investment of UPS uninterruptible power supply for small and medium-sized enterprises is not enough.

      1. The fluctuation value of input power supplied by users for Shante UPS is generally smaller than that of Shante UPS, for example, the fluctuation of input voltage of a certain type of UPS is allowed to be 220 V+20%, which can require the fluctuation of user's market power to be + 15%, which is beneficial to the normal operation of UPS; the zero-ground voltage is generally less than 1.5V without load and less than 2V with full load. This value can also be put forward according to site conditions and load requirements.

      2. In order to eliminate common-mode interference, filter capacitors are added between zero and fire lines. Both zero and fire lines have current to ground, which may cause zero and fire line currents to be unequal, thus causing circuit breakers with leakage to trip. Therefore, the circuit breaker with leakage protection can not be installed in the front stage and load circuit of UPS, so as to avoid accidental power failure of Shante UPS and its load. It should be pointed out here that the main purpose of UPS is to ensure the safe operation of important equipment such as computers, not to ensure the safety of personnel, so the live part of the line, such as sockets, circuit breakers, should not be frequently plugged and turned on.