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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Self-Maintenance Device of Shante Power Supply

      The planning of Shanterups power supply has active maintenance function. When the main power supply is out of power, Shanterups power supply will actively switch to battery power supply. If there is no main power supply, when the battery voltage is too low, it will not be switched off in time. UPS power supply will start self-maintenance function and actively shut down, which has no impact on the next use.

      1. Ultra-light and Thin Planning

      Miniature Shanterups style easy access to your home and office space. For PC users, the congestion around the computer has become easier, the panel planning is simple, clean and easy to operate. Small size, large power, operating frequency up to 40KHz, making the volume smaller, more convenient to use;

      2. SMD Manufacturing Technology

      SMD external device technology is selected to replace SMD chip devices which pierce into PC board, capacitors, transistors and other components. The wiring is convenient, space is saved, disturbance is reduced, and the reliability of the whole machine is further improved.

      3. Self-monitoring

      When the power supply is turned on, Shanterups actively imitates the power off condition. Inverters, batteries and load self-checking components are easy to find problems in time. Usually, the operation of the computer will not be affected by UPS power failure, Shante UPS power supply will always monitor the battery voltage status;

      4. Safety charger

      The charger planning structure of Shante UPS power supply is different from that of the common type. The interaction between the built-in charging circuit and the inverting circuit can complete the fast charging mode and maintain the service life of batteries together.