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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      How can Shante UPS power supply realize the function of green environmental protection?

      After purchasing Shante UPS power supply, we often see a Shante UPS power management software Winpower, so what function does this software have? Can it realize the function of remote shutdown? Next, our engineers will explain the main functions of this software, hoping to help you. The company specializes in providing Shante UPS power supply quotation, welcome to consult and purchase.

      At present, most of the data computer rooms are using Shante UPS system. Its UPS power supply mode is Dual-Transform on-line operation mode, that is, through the "AC-DC and DC-AC dual-transform" to provide stable purification power for IT load. However, under this mode, the efficiency of UPS is low, usually only 90-95% at full load (depending on the different structure of UPS). If the 2N power system architecture is widely used in current data room, the maximum load rate of its normal operation is only about 40%. Under this load rate, the efficiency of UPS decreases correspondingly, usually about 85-94%. This leads to a great waste of energy. The PUE index of the whole data center is reduced.

      On the contrary, the working principle of Shante UPS on-line mode is that when the quality of input power is good, the city power is directly supplied to the IT load of the data center through UPS bypass, while the inverters in UPS are in the on-line backup state, so that the power supply efficiency of the whole UPS power supply system reaches 99%, and this dormancy efficiency is not loaded by UPS. The overall goal of energy saving and consumption reduction of UPS is achieved by the influence of the rate. At the same time, the voltage, frequency and phase parameters of the online backup of the inverters are kept in full synchronization with the bypass input through the microsecond-level fast tracking and DSP technology, which ensures the "uninterrupted" switching of the inverters.

      1. Unloading is convenient, clean and thorough, leaving no trace. Never increase system overhead. It's green software.

      2. Have a good view of all the information. The information of municipal electricity, UPS, load and battery is displayed in the same window.

      3. It has the function of automatically searching and remotely monitoring any platform (Windows, Linux and Unix) in LAN.

      4. It has the function of manually searching and remotely monitoring any UPS platform in the Internet (Windows, Linux and Unix).

      5. With security protection mechanism, the password of system administrator can be set to prevent malicious destruction by others.

      6. Only the system administrator can get the "full control" privilege, other users can only view.

      7. It has the function of automatic data protection. It can automatically shut down most of the running applications and save related documents.

      8. It has the function of timing UPS switch to protect your computer system to the greatest extent.

      9. It has self-test function of timing Shante UPS power supply to protect your UPS to the greatest extent.

      10. It has the function of network shutdown to protect your network system to the greatest extent.

      11. It has the functions of data log (including power supply, UPS, load, battery) and event log. For the system administrator to carry out the daily maintenance of UPS power supply system.

      12. Flexible and diverse means of messaging will enable you to grasp the state of UPS system anytime and anywhere, and will never be omitted due to the change of time and space.

      13. It has the function of broadcasting messages to every user in the network.

      14. It has the function of sending messages through pagers.

      15. It has the function of sending messages through EMAIL.

      16. It has the function of sending messages through short messages on mobile phones.

      So we can realize the remote shutdown function of Shante UPS power supply. If you don't know anything, you can also consult our engineers.