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      The difference between Shanterups'power supply and UPS

      Many people think that power supply is UPS power supply, but they are different. The following series describes the differences between power supply and UPS power supply.

      Voltage stabilized power supply is designed for voltage instability, mainly for the protection of back-end equipment, the protection of equipment is more perfect. General large UPS power supply must also be equipped with voltage bypass system. The power supply range is very wide, almost need to use electricity to use the place (of course, the premise is voltage instability). General household computers, television sets, etc., choose a high-precision automatic regulator, that is, the market said that the SVC AC regulator, the price is true; of course, if it is industrial high-power AC regulator equipment friends, machinery and electronic points, General Electronics do not need to replace carbon brushes, simple and practical, convenient, but where the voltage is low, you can choose manual adjustment. The mechanical pressure regulator is reasonable. The voltage is adjusted manually to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

      UPS power supply is divided into two specifications: on-line and standby. Generally, computers are equipped with standby power supply, which belongs to an emergency power supply. The standby power supply is equipped with a regulator, an electronic switching regulator, which can be used as a regulator, but the regulator is unsatisfactory.

      On-line UPS: When on-line UPS works, it first converts power into DC to charge UPS batteries, while the inverter converts load power into AC. With the city AC to DC, during the AC conversion process, the original harmonics are well filtered on the market electricity and pulse voltage components. Therefore, the voltage output by on-line UPS inverters is very stable. The advantages of high frequency UPS are small size, light weight, high efficiency, and the disadvantage is poor impact resistance under overload.

      We can understand the difference between regulating power and UPS power. The regulated power supply and UPS power supply can be said to be the same to some extent, but their essence is different.

      The above is a detailed explanation about the difference between Shante UPS power supply and ups. This article is collected from Shante UPS power supply (www.shantak.com) in Shenzhen. It does not represent the view of this site. If you want to know more about Shante UPS power supply, please continue to check the official UPS power network.