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      The Difference between Shante UPS Power Supply and DC Screen

      If the DC screen is a distribution screen alone, it is the same as AC power distribution, it is AC input and DC output, in the middle are some protective elements, circuit breakers or fuses, each protective element has a monitoring wire connected to the monitoring unit for monitoring, DC input place will generally have a backup battery group, AC power outage can support for a period of time. If it is a whole set of switching power supply, it includes AC screen, rectifier screen and DC screen.

      The difference between DC screen and Shante UPS power supply is as follows:

      1. The application of DC screen and UPS is different.

      2. DC screen mainly provides operation power or control power for switchgear, integrated protection device, etc. Shante UPS power supply mainly provides backup power for computer room, computer, etc.

      3. The principle is different: DC screen is to convert AC rectifier to DC and supply power for external load; UPS is to convert AC rectifier to DC first, and then through the inversion unit, to convert DC to AC to supply power for external load. Both of them are powered by their batteries when power failure occurs.

      4. The function and structure of DC screen and Shante USP power supply are different: (1) DC screen is the abbreviation of DC power operation system. General name is intelligent maintenance-free DC power supply screen, referred to as DC screen, general model is GZDW, and DC screen is used to supply this DC power supply. The power operation power supply in power plants and substations nowadays adopts DC power supply, which provides power for controlling load and power load, as well as lighting load of DC accidents, and is the basis of control and protection of modern power system. DC panel consists of AC distribution unit, charging module unit, step-down silicon chain unit, DC feed unit, distribution monitoring unit, monitoring module unit and insulation monitoring unit. Mainly used in small and medium-sized power plants, hydropower stations, substations, and other users of DC equipment (such as petrochemical, mining, railway, etc.) in the power system. It is suitable for switching off and closing, instruments, relay protection and fault lighting in secondary circuit.

      Shante USP is an uninterruptible power supply. It connects the storage battery (mostly lead-acid maintenance-free battery) with the host computer, and converts DC power into commercial power through module circuits such as host inverter. Mainly used to provide a stable and uninterrupted power supply for a single computer, computer network system or other power electronic devices such as solenoid valves, pressure transmitters, etc. When the city power input is normal, Shante UPS power supply will supply the city power to the load after stabilizing the voltage. At this time, UPS is an AC city power regulator, and it also charges the battery in the machine. When the city power interruption (accident power outage), UPS will immediately supply the DC power of the battery to the load through zero-switching inverters, so that the load can maintain normal work and ensure. Software and hardware of protection load are not damaged; Shante UPS power supply equipment usually provides protection for high or low voltage.