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      Company news

      What are the maintenance methods of Shanterups dual hot standby power supply?

      In the dual hot backup of Shanterups power supply, the mainframe and backup machine can use different capacity batteries according to the situation, but attention should be paid when discharging. In large capacity batteries and standby mode is better, when the original Shanterups mainframe failure, power failure, etc., standby machine has a long enough time to continue power supply.

      The specific methods of battery maintenance for backup machine are as follows:

      (1) In the city power mode, press the main engine boot button, and the main engine turns into the inverted bypass state. At this time, the bypass and inverted indicator lights will be on.

      (2) By pressing the standby boot button, Shanterups standby switch to self-check until the battery low-voltage mode. LINE, BYPASS, BATTERY, INVTER LED will display in circular mode.

      (3) If you want to remove the battery maintenance status of the backup machine, you can try these two ways:

      Automation: When the backup machine discharges to the cut-off protection voltage, the main and standby opportunities are transferred to LineINV-Mode; when the power supply is abnormal or interrupted, the main and standby opportunities are transferred to BATINV-Mode (battery power supply mode).

      Manual: press the boot button again, then the main and standby machines are transferred to LineINV-Mode.

      In practice, the probability of Shanterups'mainframe changing from battery power supply to battery power supply is obviously greater than that of backup machine, that is, backup machine seldom can automatically switch to battery power supply. In addition, Shante UPS charger is designed for the characteristics of lead-acid batteries, so it is not suitable for other types of batteries. This is Shanterups dual backup battery maintenance mainly for the backup machine.