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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What is Shanterups power supply? What are its functions?

      Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a system equipment which connects the storage battery (mostly lead-acid maintenance-free battery) with the host computer and converts DC current into commercial power through module circuits such as host inverter. Mainly used to provide a stable and uninterrupted power supply for a single computer, computer network system or other power electronic devices such as solenoid valves, pressure transmitters, etc. When the city power input is normal, UPS will supply the city power to the load after stabilizing the voltage. At this time, UPS is an AC city power regulator, and it also charges the batteries in the machine. When the city power interrupts (accident power outage), UPS will immediately supply the DC power of the batteries to the load through zero-switching inversion method to continue to supply 220V AC, so that the load can maintain normal work and protect the soft and soft loads. Hardware is not damaged. UPS devices usually provide protection against high or low voltage.

      But when it comes to ups, the first thought in many people's minds is Shante UPS. It is a kind of uninterruptible power supply, which has the function of energy storage. The main component is the inverter. The most important function of Shante UPS is to provide uninterrupted power supply for power and electronic equipment, to ensure that the load software and hardware remain normal and free from any damage.

      Because Shante UPS is a protective power supply equipment, its performance parameters are of great significance, so we should take the voltage input range into account in the purchase process, which is often strong in regulating the power supply and stable output, so it has been widely used.

      The efficiency, power factor and conversion time of Shante UPS are also characteristic. This feature ensures the utilization rate, high performance and strong protection of city power. However, the cost will increase correspondingly in the process of choosing. When comparing most UPS, most people prefer Shante UPS more.

      Shante UPS power supply used in: enterprises, hospitals, factories, government agencies, computer rooms, etc., in the absence of electricity, we need our machines for customers: escort, delay power outage time.