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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What does Santak UPS power CASTLE series fault code mean?

      Hello, Xiaobian here to tell you about the common Santak UPS power failure code:
      When the (+-) symbol at the bottom of Shanterups mainframe lights up the Yellow light, the battery discharge time is short and the battery is aging: change the battery in time
      Santak UPS power overload: check load level and remove unimportant load.
      1# fault lights and 6# lights, buzzer long: UPS because of overheated internal shutdown
      Ensure that the UPS is not overloaded, the vent is not blocked, and the indoor temperature is not too high. Wait for 10 minutes to cool the UPS and restart it. If it fails, please contact the manufacturer.
      1# fault lights and 5# lights, buzzer long: UPS or UPS due to internal failure to turn off the output short circuit.
      Turn off the UPS, remove all loads, and confirm that the load is not faulty or internal short circuited. Reboot, if failed, please contact the manufacturer.
      1# fault lights and 4# lights, UPS long: UPS closed due to internal failures
      Please contact the manufacturer.
      1# fault lights and 3# lights, UPS long: UPS overcharge protection action
      Santak UPS charger failure, please contact the manufacturer.
      City Electricity Indicator Flash: City Electricity Voltage or Frequency Out of Shante UPS Power Supply Input Range (UPS calls twice a second, even eight tones at boot time)
      At this time, Shante UPS is working in battery mode, saving data and shutting down the application to ensure that the power supply is in the input voltage or frequency range allowed by UPS.
      Shunt UPS power supply is called two minutes a time: reconnect to make the Zero Fire Wire of Municipal Electricity connect correctly
      1# fault lights and 2# lights, Santak UPS power long: battery mode UPS or load device failure overload
      Check load levels and remove non-critical devices, recalculate load power and reduce the number of loads connected to UPS to check if load devices are malfunctioning
      Battery lamp flickers, battery voltage is too low or not connected to the battery: Check Shante UPS battery part, connect the battery well, if the battery is damaged, please replace the battery in time.
      1# fault lights, battery lights flicker, buzzer one second: UPS partial failure charging