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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Faults Easily Caused by Shante UPS Power Supply Maintenance

      Shante UPS power supply is used for different types of sensitive electronic equipment, such as computers, workstations, important facilities, communication systems, processing control systems, etc. It can prevent a series of problems caused by poor quality or interruption of power supply. In addition to the cooling fan rotating inside, other components are static, daily maintenance content is very little, only to ensure that the environment is clean and cool. However, in the daily use process, UPS failures often occur. Careful analysis of the causes of the failures, most of which are caused by the maintainer's human factors, called human failures. The so-called man-made fault is caused by operation, misoperation of maintenance personnel, misjudgement of fault phenomena and improper measures or empirical assumptions.
      Artificial faults of Shante SAGTAR UPS power supply can be roughly divided into knowledge faults, operational faults, delayed faults, maintenance faults, empirical faults, environmental faults and so on.
      The advantages of Shan UHF switching power supply UPS:
      1. Using the mature technology of high frequency switching power supply, we can adopt low price, fast switching speed, low loss and switching frequency.
      High low-voltage MOSFET transistors are used as switches. ZVS or ZCS soft-switching technology is applied to UPS. The switching frequency of UPS can be increased to more than 40-100 kHz, which creates conditions for further high-frequency UPS.
      2. Because this UPS can be further high-frequency, it is more conducive to increase the input power factor of UPS to close to 1, to reduce the THDi of the input current to less than 1%, and to reduce the harmonic pollution of UPS to close to zero.
      3. When the computer is working, the load rate of the high frequency switching power supply UPS remains approximately 100%, so it has no effect on its efficiency, the power factor of the city electricity input and the THDi of the city electricity input current, which can keep the working efficiency of the high frequency switching power supply UPS running at the highest point.
      4. The production cost of high frequency switching power supply UPS is low. Only one group of lithium batteries are available in high frequency switching power supply. Therefore, the price of UPS is low and can be afforded by small users or families. Moreover, the UPS is small in size, and can be installed in the computer box without setting up additional installation space.
      5. The lithium battery with high capacity density, long life and no pollution can be used under any environmental conditions.
      There is no need for complex maintenance and repair.
      6. Modern computer itself has the function of protecting the data and information of the computer from losing when the power is cut off, and protecting the computer from being destroyed. Therefore, for general household computers or computers used in unimportant occasions, UPS power supply can not be used. Only for computers used in important occasions, UPS power supply can be used. In this consideration, a battery socket can be installed on the computer box, and the battery can be used as an accessory. Users who do not need UPS power supply can not provide batteries, which is flexible and convenient.