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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Santak UPS power C1K-C2K-C3K instruction manual

      First, the suction or suction is insufficient (that is, the contact is closed, and the iron core has not been fully absorbed)
      Possible causes
      1. the supply voltage is too low or too big fluctuation
      2., the operating loop power shortage or broken line, wiring errors and control of poor contact contact
      The technical parameters of the 3. coil are not in accordance with the conditions of use
      4., the product itself is damaged (such as coil broken or burned, mechanical parts are jammed, rotating shaft rust or skew, etc.)
      5. contact spring pressure and overshoot is too large
      processing method
      1. adjust the supply voltage
      2. increase the power supply, replace the line, repair and control the contact
      3. replace the coil
      4. replace coil, remove stuck trouble and repair damaged parts
      5., adjust the contact parameters
      Two not released or released slowly
      Possible causes
      1. contact spring pressure is too small
      2. contact welding
      3. the mechanical movable part is jammed and the rotating shaft is rusted or skewed
      4. reaction spring damage
      The 5. core polar oil or dust adhesion
      6.E core, when the end of life, due to the magnetic gap disappears, remanence increases, the core is not released
      processing method
      1. adjust contact parameters
      2. eliminate welding faults, repair or replace contacts
      3. remove the jammed phenomenon and repair damaged parts
      4. replace reaction spring
      5. clean iron pole
      6. replace the core
      Three coil overheating or burning
      Possible causes
      1. the supply voltage is too high or too low
      2. coil technical parameters (such as rated voltage, frequency, power continuity rate and applicable work system, etc.) inconsistent with the actual conditions of use
      3., operation frequency (AC) is too high
      4. coil manufacturing is not good, or due to mechanical damage, insulation damage, etc.
      5. use poor environmental conditions, such as air humidity, corrosive gas or environmental temperature is too high
      6. the movement is jammed
      7. AC core polar or intermediate uneven air gap is too large
      8. AC contactor derives double coil of DC operation. The coil is overheated because of not releasing the welding of the moving and interlocking contact
      processing method
      1. adjust the supply voltage
      2. replace coil or contactor
      3. select other suitable contactors
      4. replace the coil to eliminate the mechanical damage caused by the coil
      5. use specially designed coils
      6. exclude stuck phenomenon
      7. remove or replace the iron core pole
      8. adjust interlock contact parameter and replace burnt coil
      Four 、 electromagnet (AC) noise is big
      Possible causes
      1. the supply voltage is too low
      2. contact spring pressure is too large
      3. the magnetic system is skewed or mechanically jammed, causing the core to surge
      4. polar rust or by foreign body (such as grease, dust) invading the core pole
      5. short circuit ring fracture
      The 6. core pole over uneven wear
      processing method
      1. improve the operating loop voltage
      2. adjust the contact spring pressure
      3. eliminate mechanical stuck fault
      4. clean iron pole
      5. change the core or short circuit ring
      6. replace the core
      Five 、 contact welding
      Possible causes
      1. operation frequency is too high or product overload use
      2. load side short circuit
      3. contact spring pressure is too small
      4. contact surfaces have metal particles, protrusions or foreign bodies
      5., the operating circuit voltage is too low or mechanical stuck, resulting in the phenomenon of stagnation in the suction process, the contact stopped at the position of just contact