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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Safe, high-quality online Shante UPS power supply originally needed to have these conditions

      The online Shante UPS power supply has the functions of green, environmental protection and energy saving. As for online power supply, it must have pure power supply. C3K online power supply can effectively block the impact of abnormal power supply on load. Power supply can complete parallel expansion and parallel redundancy. On-line Shante UPS power supply adopts high frequency control skills and optimized magnetic equipment style, which can greatly reduce system losses. Compared with the traditional UPS, the power of the whole machine in the dual conversion mode has been improved. It can save 500 KWH of power, useful quality and outstanding performance compared with other brands of power supply.

      This architecture can be flexibly extended to meet the needs of enterprises. Such network settings actually encourage preventive UPS power protection and outstanding transaction management. Can record power supply, reduce battery capacity early, and so on. All these valuable facts and data can be dissected online (on site or remotely) by the protected providers of Trusted Mountain ups. Special CASTLE3K color UPS power supply can be used in the above environment. The power supply lasts about half an hour to avoid instantaneous power failure or unstable power supply environment. The color ultrasound program can be completed normally. The network environment can even be designed to save space, more useful, high-quality and reliable, to help improve the operation power of large data centers.

      Together, Shante UPS power supply can ensure the stability, accuracy, reliability of the output power and the safe operation of the load. The product uses digital control skills to complete parallel expansion and parallel redundancy, providing flexibility and security for users in power planning. It is worth mentioning that, with regard to the larger and more complex systems commonly used in data centers, the modern Shanterups power supply monitoring system can solve the complex communication and display functions. No matter what kind of UPS power is used, some communication must be provided to warn about the forthcoming problem, whether it is a relatively small problem or a more basic problem that may bring catastrophic results. Of course, there is no point in not triggering the right response. The online Shanterups power supply only needs to add parallel cards to each machine to complete the real parallel, so it has an outstanding foundation for the future expansion of the enterprise.