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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Santak UPS power Castle series C6-10KVA (6G) upgraded to market

      Santak power Castle series C6-10KVA UPS power (6G) upgrade to market

      Santak uninterruptible power generation new castle C6-10kVA LCD panel UPS new listing! At the same time, the product inherits the excellent quality of the previous castle series products, and has carried out a comprehensive upgrade on the performance and reliability of the product, which has attracted wide attention since the date of the market. The introduction of a new generation of products further improves the comprehensive competitiveness of Santak Castle family products, and can further meet the user's diversified demand for stable and uninterrupted power.

      Since its launch, Santak UPS power castles UPS has won high praise from the global market for its high comprehensive competitiveness. Its main customers include the core IT room of telecommunications, finance, manufacturing, transportation and other industries, providing safe and reliable power protection for the key load of customers. The new generation of Castle C6-10kVA inherits the excellent quality of the previous generation of castle series UPS, and performs better on its basis. On the basis of effectively solving 9 kinds of electric power problems, it has greatly improved its performance in the aspects of reliability, efficiency, adaptability and flexibility. At the same time, its rich and scalable functions also provide a guarantee for meeting the individual needs of users.

      The new generation of Santak UPS power supply has increased the LCD display. Through the large screen Chinese LCD display, users can easily read the input and output voltage, current, battery and other information. At the same time, it can also get the information of UPS state, alarm and fault more intuitively, and provide the user with better human-computer interaction and user body. Test. At the same time, the product has a major breakthrough in the product performance, reliability, power density and so on, more from the perspective of the user, to provide a safe and reliable power supply for the user's load.

      Santak new castle series C6-10kVA products have the following characteristics:

      New upgrade

      The new power design and heat dissipation design. By using stronger electronic devices and more mature DSP control technology, we can achieve the goal of providing high reliability and uninterrupted power.

      High power factor

      Power factor up to 0.9, compared with the traditional UPS, the carrying capacity increased by 28%. The innovative heat dissipation design is smaller and has higher power density.

      More efficient and more adaptable

      Full load efficiency up to 94%, half a year efficiency can reach 93.5%, ECO mode efficiency can be as high as 98%, saving precious energy for you. Ultra wide input voltage frequency range (40Hz-70Hz), suitable for different power environments, perfectly compatible with generators, and provide better protection for your equipment.

      Humanized design, tailor made for you

      The ultra low quiet design provides quiet and uninterrupted power supply for your equipment, creating a quiet and comfortable office environment and room environment for you and your partners. A variety of spare parts for your choice: maintenance bypass, EPO, and support all kinds of communication card, can perfectly match your ideal UPS application environment.

      As one of the most popular UPS brands in China, Santak power supply has always been based on the mass market and continued to provide flexible and reliable power protection for the customer's harsh power environment. Santak castle series UPS, as the backbone of Santak product line, has been selling well for many years in the domestic market and has a good reputation among its customers. The launch of the new generation of LCD panel products, whether from product performance or user experience, is worth looking forward to, and is sure to attract users' attention.

      About Santak:

      Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd. has been rooted in China for more than thirty years. With its strong technical research and development strength, reliable product quality, complete, fast and efficient after-sales service system, it has been confirmed by the domestic users of various industries. The products have been widely used in government, finance, telecommunications, electric power and transportation. The research institutes, manufacturing and military industries provide a safe and reliable power environment for tens of millions of users.