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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What happens to overload protection of Shanterups power supply?

      An important feature of any power supply is to provide a published continuous full load capability. More importantly, the power supply has some built-in error margin or fault tolerance in calculating (considering) overload conditions. A good power supply can provide a minimum of 5% overload protection, ideally 10% overload protection.

      The so-called overload situation refers to the removal of excess current from the power supply. The planning and selection engineer has two choices. The first option is to start the hiccup circuit when the power supply is overloaded. With this design, the power supply equipment can be suspended, and after the suspension, the power supply tries to restart the continuous work. When the overload disappears, the power supply restarts successfully and starts to work normally again. This design is suitable for low current equipment.

      When does Shante UPS battery need to be replaced?

      It is recommended to use lead-free protective batteries or other brands of high-quality unprotected batteries. Users should not choose cheaper ones because they are cheaper. Self-discharge (SELF-D1SCHARGE) occurs in UPS batteries in the United States. If not used for a long time, the energy will be lost, so regular charging and discharging are needed. Engineers can determine the open-circuit voltage of batteries to determine the quality of batteries. Take 12V battery as an example. If the open-circuit voltage is higher than 12.5V, it means that the storage capacity of the battery is more than 80%. If the open-circuit voltage is less than 12.5V, it should be if the open-circuit voltage is less than 12V, which means that the storage energy of the battery is less than 20%, and the battery is unbearable.

      Shanterups power supply will not produce gas during normal use due to the use of non-absorbent electrolyte system. However, if the user uses the battery incorrectly, the battery will be overcharged and will generate gas. At this point, the internal pressure of the battery will increase, and the battery will be on the battery. When the pressure valve is opened, the battery may rise, deform, leak or even rupture. These phenomena can be judged from the appearance.