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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What are the adaptability of Shante UPS power supply to motor?

      Shante UPS power supply, whether with PFC switching power supply or pulse rectifier power supply, can only be positive in the real part of its power, energy will not be back-injected into the market electricity, so in the design of UPS, more attention is paid to the reliability under constant power load, as well as the harmonic control ability with non-linear rectifier load, as well as the voltage steady-state accuracy and dynamic recovery speed, but not to the power supply. The ability to provide energy feedback will be particularly required. Especially when UPS has a large number of intelligent designs, it often regards the DC bus from load to UPS as a fault state. Therefore, in the case of motor load, the energy generated by motor regeneration can easily trigger UPS protection conditions.

      On the other hand, the common structure of UPS is rectifier + battery boost + inverter. A large part of UPS's rectifier and battery boost are based on Boost or deformed circuits. Energy can only flow from commercial power and batteries to DC buses, but can not flow backwards. In this way, even if energy feedback is allowed in software, when energy feedback occurs, because the energy is stored on the DC bus, the DC bus rises, which will eventually lead to UPS jump protection.

      The characteristics of motor load are totally different from those of switching power supply commonly used in IT equipment, which shows that it has many working conditions such as start/brake, and there will be great differences with the different loads behind the motor. It is totally unlike the IT switching power supply, it only has load/unload. Therefore, specific solutions also need to consider the load behind the motor to be processed separately.

      Advantages of Shante UPS Power Supply:

      Easy installation, easy expansion: RM Series modular UPS, a variety of main frame cabinets for users to choose, the main frame installation is simple and convenient, between the racks can easily achieve direct parallel expansion. Frame modular cabinet can also be easily embedded in standard server cabinet installation.

      Usability is strong, maintenance is simple: RM Series modular UPS, all modules are designed by online hot swap, can easily realize online replacement module.

      On-demand expansion, saving initial investment: can be based on the current foreseeable business needs, configure the current actual capacity of UPS, later according to business growth, can easily achieve online power module UPS system without shutdown/bypass/module number settings and other operations.

      Intelligent network management, powerful monitoring: RM Series modular UPS can provide a variety of monitoring methods, convenient access to data center ring centralized monitoring system, embedded in DCIM system management.

      Modular intelligent dormancy improves efficiency and saves operating costs: Inviden RM Series modular UPS can be started (automatically/manually) at a low load rate. Intelligent dormancy mode saves operating costs and makes the system more green and energy-saving.

      Key power devices adopt integrated packaging IBGT module, which has higher reliability: RM Series modular UPS, rectifier/inverter power parts adopt integrated IGBT module devices, the device has better single performance, device driver becomes simple and easy to control, making circuit control more reliable.

      Green environmental protection, reduce harmonic pollution: RM Series modular UPS, using dual-core DSP control, PWM modulation technology, PFC power factor correction technology, to further reduce the input harmonic current, reduce the pollution of the grid, and the input power factor is close to 1 (in low load state can also be achieved 0.99, almost equivalent to the pure resistive load)

      Efficient and energy saving, reduce electricity expenditure: RM Series modular UPS does not need standard transformer, uses low conduction loss power devices, soft switching technology, three-level topology circuit, the efficiency of UPS system can reach about 96%.

      Isolation duct heat dissipation, strong adaptability: RM Series modular UPS, power module using isolation duct heat dissipation design, the control circuit board and heating devices are completely isolated, forming duct air supply heat dissipation, improving heat dissipation efficiency.