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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What are the characteristics of Shanterups power supply?

      Excellent Industrial Environmental Protection Performance

      Under the standard, the protection level of IP21 can be achieved (preventing the invasion of solid objects larger than 12 mm, preventing the invasion of water droplets falling vertically). In order to meet the higher dust-proof requirements, dust-proof components can be selected to improve the dust-proof level of users in industrial environment and ensure the safe operation of UPS equipment in harsh environment.

      N+X Parallel Redundancy (Supporting Parallel Co-Batteries)

      The machine has built-in parallel function and can realize parallel connection of 8 UPS without additional external accessories. It is convenient for users to carry out low-cost system expansion. N represents the fewer UPS required by the load, X represents the redundant UPS, and the larger X represents the higher reliability of the system.

      Using advanced control strategy, the system can share a group of batteries under parallel redundant operation, which greatly saves the investment cost of users.

      Intelligent Management of Battery Charge and Discharge

      Advanced intelligent charging mode is controlled by CPU. UPS charger can modify charging parameters according to different environmental conditions and provide optimized battery charging mode. A number of charging modes were designed, and the best charging mode was selected according to the type of battery, the number of cells and the use status of the battery. Scientific charging methods have prolonged the service life of batteries. It can also be equipped with charging units, so that the recharging time of multiple batteries can be greatly shortened.

      Positive Operation and Positive Maintenance Function

      Considering the effective utilization of user space, modular design and positive maintenance greatly shorten the repair time of the machine and improve the usability of UPS.

      High Guarantee Dual-City Electricity Input Function

      According to the actual situation of power consumption on site, double-City or Single-city power input is adopted, so that users'power supply can be more securely guaranteed.

      Rich remote monitoring means

      Provide RS232/RS485, Intelligent Slot and other monitoring communication interfaces, can load Shante's CMC card, WebPower card to achieve remote management and monitoring functions, and also provide AS400 card to provide external dry contact interface, which facilitates customers'flexible choice of various monitoring needs.

      High Performance DSP Processor

      Full digital Ti high performance DSP control technology makes data processing faster, output performance more excellent and reliability more improved.

      Excellent electrical performance

      The efficiency of the whole machine is as high as 93%. ECO mode is provided to make the efficiency as high as 98%. The power loss of UPS is reduced.

      To meet the requirements of China's power grid design, provide a wide range of input voltage 210 VAC ~ 475 VAC. It can be used in harsh power network environment. Excellent input frequency range enables UPS to adapt to different power supply equipment such as generators.

      IGBT frequency modulation intelligent rectifier and inverter technology, the input power factor is up to 0.99, the input current harmonic is low to 3%, and the output voltage and current performance is more excellent.

      Powerful overload capacity: 110-125% of the load can run normally for 10 minutes; 125-150% of the load can run normally for 1 minute. 并具有输出短路?;つ芰?。