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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      How to Maintain Shante ups Power Supply Correctly

      Five methods of correctly maintaining Shante UPS power supply.
      When we use Shanterups power supply, we have many problems to pay attention to. The following edition will explain five ways to maintain Shanterups power supply correctly.
      1. Grasp the basic knowledge of Shanterups power supply, read the equipment instructions carefully, find out all kinds of warning information, warning codes, the meaning of indicator lights, as well as the causes of occurrence and response methods. Familiar with the functions of switches and buttons on equipment. Familiar with all kinds of operation of Shante UPS power supply, clear connection relationship, understand the method of substitution.
      2. Strengthen routine inspection and maintenance, check whether the equipment has alarms, odors, abnormal sounds, check whether the joints are loosened or not, whether the heat dissipation fan is working properly, whether the various instructions of the equipment are normal, and find out the problems and solve them in time.
      3. Make regular maintenance plan: Measure the output voltage, current and power of the equipment and the internal resistance and terminal voltage of the battery regularly every month. Every quarter or half a year, check the battery discharge test. Generally, 30% 40% of the rated capacity should be released to clean the internal sanitation of Shante UPS power supply once a year, and check whether the joints are in good contact.
      4. Battery discharge: In the operation of battery discharge, if the battery is discharged off-line with a false load, not only the assembly is tedious, but also unsafe, afterwards the device needs to be re-charged. In order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of battery discharge test, we can not only find problems (backward batteries, reverse-pole batteries, etc.) but also ensure the safety and reliability of power supply (no over-discharge, short circuit, power interruption, etc.). Here we recommend a method of directly using load to discharge batteries: turn off the AC input switch of Shante UPS power supply, and let the batteries discharge. 。
      5. Because Shanterups power supply is mostly used in important network communication systems, the load changes little, so the discharge current is basically unchanged when the load is directly discharged. In this way, the discharge termination voltage can be determined according to the voltage and discharge situation of the battery, and the discharge time can be calculated, which will be the same for every quarter in the future. Compare the records, and find out the problems and eliminate them in time.