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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What type of engine is Shante UPS powered?

      The type of Shante UPS power supply can be used for generators. How should Shante UPS power supply be used to make the generators run normally?

      The input voltage and frequency of UPS are acceptable as long as the output voltage and frequency of the generator are within the allowable range. UPS suitable for connecting generators are: backup TG, Pro, MT series; on-line interactive InterPower series and on-line C series, 3C3 series. The following problems should be noticed when UPS is connected to the generator: the output capacity of the generator should be more than twice the power of UPS; at the same time, it should be noticed that UPS should be connected after the output voltage, frequency and waveform of the generator are stable.

      I recently purchased a UPS power supply with built-in batteries. The model is Sander MT1000. After power failure, it can load two computers to run for about 10 minutes. I consulted the engineer and said that the two batteries are built-in 7AH batteries. So I would like to ask whether the two batteries are in series or in parallel.

      Because the DC voltage of this UPS power supply is 24V, and our battery is 12V, so it must be connected in series before it can be used normally. Shante MT1000 is two 12V-7AH Shenyang Panasonic batteries in series. From this year, Shante Machine uses two batteries of Tangshallow 12V-7AH. It saves cost.

      If you feel that the delay time is not enough, you can take the machine apart for modification, add two batteries in parallel for use.