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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What are the advantages of high frequency Shante power supply?

      1. Small size, light weight, generally equivalent to 60% of the power supply weight of Shante UPS with the same capacity; because there is no output transformer, the circulating current of the expansion shunt is small.

      2. Boost switching rectifier has strong DC output voltage regulation ability, so it has strong adaptability to the fluctuation of market voltage - Shantai after-sale.

      3. The input power factor of municipal power can be used to reach above 0.99, which makes the harmonic content of the input current of municipal power less than 5%, and has less pollution to the municipal power grid. This is a prominent advantage of high-frequency Shenzhen Shante UPS power supply.

      4. It can eliminate audible noise (including electrical noise and mechanical noise).

      Shortcomings of Shante UPS power supply after sale:

      1. High frequency IGBT which can work in 20 kHz Shante UPS power supply must be adopted. This kind of IGBT has high price, few supply, strict voltage and current working area, poor shock resistance, low reliability and high failure rate.

      2. The output DC voltage of three-phase half-bridge Boost switching rectifier is high, generally 800V. It needs special configuration of charge-discharge management converter-Shante official network.

      3. High-frequency harmonics can be coupled to the zero line to increase the zero-ground voltage of the output side, which can not meet the site requirements of IBM, HP and other server manufacturers for zero-ground voltage less than 1V.