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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Main Points of Purchasing Shante UPS Power Supply

      I. Stability

      Because UPS plays a protective role, its own stability is more important. Therefore, when users choose UPS products, whether they are users of small and medium-sized enterprises or others, they must first consider the quality of UPS products. The quality of products is the first requirement for users to choose products. Through the quality, they can decide what brand you will choose. Because we say that brand is called brand, because it has been verified and recognized by many people, this is the first one. 。

      II. Backup time

      Backup time is an indicator that many users pay more attention to when purchasing UPS products. Academically speaking, UPS is to continue to supply power to users after power failure. First of all, it is a physics. Power failure is only one of its functions, and the second function is to ensure that users can have a clean power supply and protect their equipment.

      3. Determining the Type of UPS

      According to the load's requirement for output stability, switching time and output waveform, UPS of online type, online interactive type, backup type, sine wave type and square wave type are selected.

      The output stability and instantaneous response of on-line UPS are better than the other two, and its adaptability to non-linear loads is also stronger. Online UPS should be used for some more precise and important equipment. In some areas where the fluctuation range of electricity is relatively large, the use of interactive and reserve type should be avoided. If you want to use generator with short delay UPS, it is recommended to use on-line UPS.

      IV. Service Capability

      Each user's network characteristics and power environment are different, and the requirements of power protection also change. Users may encounter different kinds of problems when using UPS. Users want to purchase products and services that are completely suitable for actual needs, and care about the investment cycle, long-term return and investment risk of equipment. The reality is that most users lack professionals in this area. Therefore, high quality service system and active service attitude have become an important factor that users must consider when purchasing UPS.

      V. Annex Functions

      In order to improve the reliability of the system, it is suggested to use UPS hot backup system, which can be connected in series or in parallel. Redundant switches can also be used for small capacity UPS (1~2KVA). The remote monitoring panel can be selected to realize the remote monitoring and control of UPS. Monitoring software can be selected to realize intelligent management between computer and UPS. Network adapter can be selected to realize the network management of UPS (based on SNMP). Lightning protectors can be used in some rainy and thundery areas. Also consider whether the use of the network and the protection of peripherals. Because peripherals are becoming more and more complete (such as printers, scanners), this part of the equipment also needs protection. Do you have cable surge protection and data surge protection? Can you shut down the system automatically when no one is on duty? In addition, because the UPS of the user's commercial desktop is mostly beside you, you need to consider the design style and manufacturing process of the product.