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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      Shanterups Uninterruptible Power Supply Purchase and Technical Indicators Requirements

      I. Purchasing Contents and Requirements
      (1) Two UPS units, three in and three out nominal capacity of 30KVA on-line, realize the parallel system of two computers.
      (2) UPS uninterruptible power supply system battery pack to ensure full load normal work for 4 hours.
      (3) UPS mainframe should provide the original manufacturer's authorization.
      (4) UPS batteries supplied by the supplier shall be certified by the original manufacturer with the official seal.
      II. Technical Specification Requirements for UPS Power Supply
      (1) Three-phase five-wire system
      (2) Input Voltage (Vac):380+25%
      (3) Output Voltage (Vac): 220 + 1% (L-N), 380 + 1% (L-L)
      (4) Output frequency 50 +0.2%
      (5) Power frequency pure on-line, pure sine wave output; three in and three out nominal capacity of 30KVA, to achieve dual parallel system
      (6) Using N+1 parallel redundancy mode, load sharing, parallel system can use the same batteries together, without parallel cabinet and fixed master-slave parallel mechanism.
      (7) Built-in output isolation voltage stabilizer
      (8) Built-in manual and automatic static bypass, MTBF 150,000 hours, MTTR 15 minutes
      (9) Built-in professional UPS lightning protection technology
      (10) The ability of remote monitoring (SNMP), equipped with monitoring software, to realize the network remote real-time monitoring of UPS operation status.
      (11) Working noise < 65dB
      (12) RS232 standard interface and dry contact interface
      (13) LCD Chinese panel display
      (14) Auto-protection measures of operating system in case of power failure
      (15) Battery specifications are 100AH/12V, with a life of more than 6 years.
      (16) Intelligent battery management technology with temperature compensation charging function