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      Welcome~Shenzhen Santak UPS power supply Co., Ltd.
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      Company news

      What if Shante UPS does not transmit electricity?

      Shante UPS power supply does not transmit electricity how to do? We usually encounter this situation how to solve? Don't worry, the following small edition to introduce the solution to you!

      The reasons why Shante UPS did not output are as follows:

      1. Check the power supply circuit of the battery, especially the current limiting resistance, etc.

      2. Check whether there are electric parts such as burning, measure and replace them.

      3. Measure the AC output tube, compare and measure whether it is damaged or not.

      4. Measuring the voltage of each foot of the control module and comparing the voltage of the explanatory part.

      5. Check the printed surface of PCB with magnifying glass to see if there is virtual welding.

      6. Prepare circuit diagrams and carry out analysis and maintenance according to the system

      No Voltage Output Troubleshooting of Shante UPS Power Supply. Shante UPS power supply AC and DC boot panel display is normal, no fault warning! This UPS plug-in power boot is normal, there is output; but after the power cut, it shows that the battery works normally, but there is no voltage output.

      (1) UPS power supply is plugged into city power (city power is normal) AC start-up: boot-panel display bypass (bypass relay has action) - panel display bypass prompt lights out (relay has no action; note: relay will act normally!); output voltage, but can not be stabilized, it is estimated that the bypass direct output of city power (but the panel's bypass indicator lights are off, showing normal output).

      (2) Shante UPS power supply is not plugged in (battery is normal) DC boot: panel display is normal, when the output indicator lights up, the relay does not act, and there is no voltage output (when normal, continue relay action, instant normal voltage output!)

      Uninterruptible power supply checks the relay on the motherboard and removes the relay. First, it can measure whether the coil is burnt down. If it is not burned, it may be that the contacts are sticky. It can test the relay and replace it after confirming the fault.