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      Company news

      What are the monitoring methods of Shante UPS power supply?

      The choice of Shante UPS power supply monitoring mode determines the maintenance way and cost of the monitoring system, so the selection of monitoring mode should be based on the principle of convenience and utility maximization. From the point of view of monitoring methods, there are two kinds of UPS monitoring systems commonly used in the market at present:

      1. Shante UPS Network Centralized Monitoring System

      The system is mainly based on Internet/Ethernet network platform. It is developed by building a complete TCP/IP network communication protocol. It can be used for remote centralized management of UPS through Web browser or special monitoring software. The system has convenient Web Server management function module, which enables users to easily carry out UPS real-time status query, basic information management, remote operation control, parameter setting, user management and other monitoring and management functions on any operating system platform through Web browser. It is suitable for network centralized monitoring and management of remote UPS.

      2. UPS Short Message Monitoring System

      The system is based on modern * communication technology, adding GSM MODEM short message transmission module on the basis of UPS network monitoring system, thus realizing the short message monitoring and management of UPS operation status. The system is suitable for monitoring and managing the operation and failure of remote UPS by * short message under specific circumstances.

      3. Compatibility

      The compatibility of Shante UPS power supply monitoring system refers to the compatibility degree of the system to multi-brand and multi-model UPS, that is, whether the system can realize multi-brand and multi-model UPS shared monitoring and management platform. In the early stage of UPS power supply system development, because Shante UPS manufacturers are few and the brand is relatively single, the coexistence of different brands of UPS in a computer room is relatively rare, so the users do not pay much attention to the multi-brand compatibility of the monitoring system. However, with the maturity of UPS market, the current industry computer rooms have undergone tremendous changes. In the same computer room, there are not only many brands of UPS coexisting, but also different versions of the same brand (i.e. models) of UPS coexisting because of different procurement time. In this case, compatibility has become one of the important issues that UPS users must consider when choosing and purchasing UPS monitoring system. Compatibility has become an important criterion to judge the effectiveness of a UPS monitoring system.

      4. Extensibility

      The extensibility of UPS monitoring system means that the number of monitoring objects can be increased by the system. Modularization is a major trend of UPS monitoring system. It is one of the characteristics of UPS modularization that capacity can be increased or decreased freely. Whether it can realize the free expansion of various monitoring objects is an important symbol of UPS monitoring system modularization. From the view of the current hardware equipment configuration in the computer room, it is the most urgent need for UPS users to extend the monitoring of environmental temperature and humidity, leakage, access control, battery packs and other objects on demand on the basis of comprehensive monitoring of UPS power supply.

      Because the expansion of the system is carried out on the original monitoring platform (without changing the platform), users can expand the monitoring function of the system at different stages on demand. In this way, the user's input elasticity can be enhanced, and the risk brought by system upgrade can be greatly reduced. At the same time, in the long run, the input cost can be saved for UPS users. Of course, because the scalability is usually directly related to the cost, this cost will be more obvious in the initial stage of investment, so when purchasing UPS power supply monitoring system, we should not blindly pursue the maximization of expanded functions, but should follow the principle of "satisfy the present, stay for the future".

      Matters needing attention in maintenance of Shante UPS power supply

      The maintenance and use of Shante UPS power supply are inseparable. A scientific way of use should also have correct maintenance methods, so as to achieve high utilization rate of Shante UPS.

      1. Maintenance must be carried out when the machine is shut down, so as not to cause internal high voltage ionization to trigger charged particles to trigger IGBT and cause equipment failure.

      2. If the Shanterups power supply with maintenance bypass can be transferred to the maintenance bypass, maintenance but at this time the internal is still charged.

      3. Shante UPS power supply must be self-discharged before maintenance.

      4. Maintenance tools can be maintained by using a vacuum blower, not wet cloth.